Before we get into it, it’s important to make this Public Service Announcement:

Girls are not upset… Girls are not angry…

Girls just wanna have Fundamental Human Rights

A round of applause, please for all the women and everyone ‘fighting’ to ensure every female is treated fairly and equally, without any form of gender bias.

“As a Bank, we get really excited when women are in power and decision making positions. Once in leadership roles, they can make a difference that benefits whole societies.”

What really sweetens our belly is when we see women have their own money. You know how money stops nonsense and it definitely hits different when a lady commands lots of zeros.

It’s okay if you’re not there yet, that’s why you have us. We have a couple of ways to help you make and control more money

One Woman for every Woman: You are our Shero and we’ve created One Woman to cater for your financial, business and personal needs.

Doubble your hustle: Saving for a car, rent or trip? Invest in Doubble and just like magic, watch it yield up to 100% returns for you.

I-invest sees no gender: Securely buy and manage Treasury Bills, Eurobonds and Equities from your mobile device here.

Ladies that save together…: Get your girls onboard the “Ajo Scheme” on OneBank for android or ios to start saving for that trip you’ve been planning for ages.

Go get your money! We’re rooting for you.

For inquiries, click here

To speak to a customer care representative, call 07008220000

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Idika Justice Uche
Idika Justice Uche
3 months ago

Nice one but this is not what I want, I want a loan to fund my business and you guys already failed me before and I think you can help me

customer care
3 months ago

Hi Uche, we’re sorry you feel this way. Please visit: to apply for a loan. If you need anything else, you can send us a

Olawale Oderinde
3 months ago

I have absolutely nothing about empowered women.
However, it’s the way some women go about it that saddens me. Such as using sex as a bargaining tool or a weapon.
There are some situations where women are disadvantaged, just because of their particular biology. But that still doesn’t mean their brains are not up to par. So they should be able to perform at the same or even higher levels. A lot of men are lazy, and I have read somewhere that women are much more likely to deliver on deadlines and such “promises”.
Using your body as an advantage is just not it. At all.