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Enjoy fast and secure internet banking transactions


Switch offers you secure, quick and convenient banking. The platform gives you easy access to multi-currency savings, cheaper transfer rates and the best lending, investment and insurance products in Nigeria. You also have the flexibility of choosing between a wallet or an account.

  • Multi-currency savings accounts
  • Cheaper money transfers
  • Payment requests
  • Bill payments


Coming Soon

  • Virtual cards
  • Invest with i-invest 
  • Joint and Current Account opening


The one customer bank brings you the app where you can make all your payments, transfer money, buy airtime, make local & foreign transfers, foreign currency swap, cheque deposit and so much more from the comfort of your home.

• Create a wallet
• Self registration
• Authentication options
• Create your virtual card
• Get the Doubble
• Specta in 5
• Send and receive money
• One transfer
• Foreign transfer
• Bills payment
• Purchase airtime
• Cardless withdrawal
• Recurrent payment
• ATM/Merchant locator
• Contact us


Registration is completely self-service; just dial *822# today to experience the Magic

Registration – *822*1*NUBAN#
Airtime-self – *822*Amt#
Airtime-others – *822*Amt*BeneficiaryNo#
Transfer-within – *822*4*Amt*NUBAN#
Transfer to other Banks – *822*5*Amt*NUBAN#
Account Balance – *822*6#
Open Account – *822*7#
My Account(s) – *822*8#

ChatPay - Kiki​

Kiki will help you answer all your enquiries on the App which include locating a Sterling branch or ATM closest to you, resolving any disputes with no forms or visit to the bank, credit score much more. Relax and let Kiki handle it. Also available in OnePay App.

Sterling Pro​​

SterlingPro is our Corporate Internet Banking System (CIBS) that is user friendly, provides online and real-time solutions that evolves with the needs of customer’s business.

It assists customers in all aspect of their financial transactions, From account management, administration, invoicing, domestic single/bulk transfers, cross-border payments, online trading and viewing overall liquidity. It makes all business needs simple.

To sign up on Sterling Pro, please visit the nearest Sterling Bank Branch or send a mail to [email protected] to register on the platform.

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