About SWAY AG-Fin

SWAY AgFin is a specially designed single-digit interest fund open to youth and women interested in agribusiness. The facility product looks to support smallholder farmers, processors, input providers, SMEs/small scale processors and or new entrants. Developed and distributed in partnership with Mastercard Foundation, SWAY AgFin will help increase the output and profitability of your agribusiness by making available needed capital available to entrepreneurs or those looking to expand.

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Who can apply?

  • Aged 18-35
  • Business-oriented youths committed to growing agriculture
  • Experienced farmers and other stakeholders
  • Tech-savvy fresh graduates keen on agric innovations
  • Women in remotest parts of Nigeria

Benefits of SWAY AG-Fin

  • Single digit of 9% interest
  • 2-year tenor
  • Designed for everyone – in the agriculture sector – in mind
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How it works

Ticked all the boxes above? No long thing. Application is easy and online. It’s time. Get the credit, get going. Apply Now