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One Education

Seeking and executing ideas that will advance the educational sector in Nigeria.

Education Platform

Sterling Bank's One Education platform through strategic partnerships, provides services that are relevant across the entire value chain in the educational sector including but not limited to; students, parents, teachers/lecturers, vendors, school administrators and the non-academic staff.

Advancement of the educational Sector

The One Education unit was set up to constantly seek out and execute ideas that would champion the advancement of the educational sector in Nigeria.

One Education through strategic partnerships, provides services that are relevant across the entire value chain in the educational sector including but not limited to; students, parents, teachers/lecturers, vendors, school administrators and the non-academic staff.

The unit envisions educational development driven by the provision of world-class ICT solutions and other services to the sector with the ultimate aim of reducing unemployment in Nigeria.
We are on a path of enriching lives in the educational sector by positively impacting all segments of the value chain.

Succinctly put, the One Education unit is the one-stop shop for ICT infrastructure solutions and other services needed to take education to the next level, ultimately improving the quality of graduates churned out in Nigerian institutions.

Educational Solutions

A National Universities Commission (NUC) requirement for Nigerian Universities.

Sterling Bank’s One Education team understands the capital-intensive nature of the execution of such projects so we partner with higher institutions for the provision of ultra-modern ICT libraries for tertiary institutions to provide access to top-notch academic content for students and lecturers.

The children are really the next generation and we realize how bright their future is if they inculcate the best financial habits.

To help them on this ride, we published “Me and My Money” financial literacy book to educate children and adolescents on cultivating saving habits. So far, we have impacted over 30,000 students nationwide so far.

Ever wonder why your salary never feels enough? In other cases, we complain; “this salary has finished before it comes in!”

Here is a way out, a free training on effective & efficient management of finances (money) to achieve one’s financial goals/objectives offered to parents.

For flexibility and ease of learning, we provide customised tablets preloaded with educational content relevant to different classes and age groups. Now, your children can continue learning during holidays.

We facilitate upgrade of school’s facilities in line with global education standards. Upgrading laboratories to Scalar/3D technology capacity laboratories, setting up of a language laboratory and conversion of classrooms to multimedia rooms.

Getting a consultant to look at your books can be quite expensive. Schools and parents who double as businesspeople can now get free financial advisory services on sustainability and better management of their company’s finances.

Our Billionaire Club Game is a fun Android App that can be downloaded by every student from the Google Play Store. The game incorporates fun and entertainment into teaching financial management and entrepreneurship to students. The App successfully interacts with students on a platform they are most conversant with; Technology.

Schools can now access facilities for bridging working capital gaps, expansion purposes and asset acquisition with a maximum tenor of 60 months at a much lower interest rate compared to the industry benchmark.

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Schools can access  upto 20M uncollaterised loan to bridge financing gaps for 120 days.

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We bridge cash crunches experienced by parents with instant financing for school fees. Putting your kids in school while awaiting salaries and other receivables should never be a problem.

One Education also provides support in the form of partnership and gift items for schools and other relevant organisations during events such as InterHouse Sport Competitions, Children’s Day, Cultural Day, Open Day, Fun Day, PTA meetings and Mother’s/Father’s Day.

This savings account package is designed to enable parents save towards school fees or other financial obligations.

Teachers deserve the quality of living every other segment of the society enjoys. This solution allows teachers and other school staffers acquire household equipment like Refrigerating Sets, TVs, etc with flexible repayment schedule spread over three months.


A national Mathematics Competition designed for Primary School pupils. The competition is organised in partnership with Caleb Group of Schools. The competition is expected to take place across the 36 States of the Federation.

The Parenting Workshop initiative is a family growth and education initiative designed to support parents’ desire to optimise the potentials and talents of young people through a series of parenting workshops.

How we achieve this?

• Aid business expansions of educational institutions through products and services we offer.

• Partner with other stakeholders within the education value chain to enrich lives and deliver value help expand their business and take it to the next level.

• Invest in educating all stakeholders [parents, students and teachers] on financial literacy.

Why Invest in Sterling Bank

• Business growth and expansion
• Free consultancy through business/financial advisory services
• Personal financing for staff within the sector
• Improved quality of education delivery through learning aids
• Financial literacy for children

To relate with our ONE EDUCATION team, please send an email to [email protected] or call 01-4613152 Ext.9033

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