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Don’t Be a Victim: 4 Ways to Report Fraud and Protect Yourself in Nigeria

Victor Odogwu
Published: May 29, 2024

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Fraud is a serious crime that can have devastating impacts on individuals and businesses in Nigeria. Whether you have been a victim or simply noticed suspicious activity, it is crucial to report fraud immediately. By providing details, you can help authorities crack down on fraudsters and prevent others from falling victim.


Report to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

The EFCC is the leading agency tackling financial crimes in Nigeria. If you have been defrauded or experienced cybercrime, you can report it to the EFCC online, you can report it by calling +234 8093322644 or +234 (9) 9044751, by sending a mail to [email protected] or by visiting any of their office locations in the country.


Report to the Nigeria Police Force

Cases of fraud can also be reported to the Nigeria Police Force by visiting your nearest police station or calling the Force headquarters hotline at 08062322911.


Notify Your Bank

If money has been illegally taken from your account or you suspect a fraudster has access, immediately alert your bank or financial institution. Use only the official contact details from their website or documentation to ensure you are speaking to legitimate representatives.

For Sterling Bank, you can contact our One Customer Centre at (+234) 07008220000 or [email protected].




Report to Affected Organizations

Fraudsters often impersonate companies, agencies, or platforms. If an organization’s name was used falsely, report it to them with relevant details so they can investigate and warn others. You can report suspicious activity through the following channels: Emails, Text Messages, Phone Calls, Adverts, or Websites.


Even if you have not been a victim, reporting suspicious emails, messages, calls, advertisements, or websites can help shut them down and prevent fraud. Forward any suspicious communications to:

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) – [email protected]

Nigerian Computer Emergency Response Team (ngCERT) – [email protected]


Why Report?

By taking a few minutes to report fraud or suspicious activities, you can:

– Assist law enforcement in identifying and apprehending criminals

– Prevent others, including friends and family, from being victimized

– Recoup financial losses by providing evidence to authorities

– Raise awareness to protect the larger Nigerian community


If something seems amiss, trust your instincts. Do not engage, provide any personal/financial information, or follow links. Report it promptly to deny fraudsters their payday.


Have you checked out our security awareness hub? Visit our fraud page today

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