The texts began the moment rumours of a lockdown were heard. They even increased when the actual lockdown began and we know that they will not end even when this is over.

This is because now more than ever before, we have been forced to transact, pay for goods and services, make investments and do so many other activities strictly online from the comfort of our homes and with our mobile devices. Even the digital agnostics have joined the online ‘geng’ because of the covid 19 pandemic.

As your One Customer Bank, we are doing the best we can to ensure that your details and transactions are safe at all times.

Regardless of all the security measures put in place to reduce the rate of fraudulent activities in the bank, the big news is that there is only one person in the world with the superpowers needed to stop these fraudsters from operating online and that person is YOU!

Here are 5 basic tips you must know and do to avoid being scammed by online fraudsters:

1. If you have a Sterling Bank account, we will never request for your Password, OTP or PIN via email, text message or phone calls:
If you are yet to open an account, our agents will call you to explain our offerings. However, please do not reply to text messages and emails from unknown individuals requesting for your card details or the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number. Always verify the source of such requests as we will never send you a text, call or email requesting for your Password, OTP, PIN. Also note that Sterling is NOT distributing covid-19 relief money to its customers.

2. Always Keep Your BVN and Card Details Safe:
Never share your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and card PIN with anyone that’s not you. In the event that your debit card gets misplaced or stolen, please contact our One Customer Centre on 070078375464 or send an email to immediately to report the incidence and block your card.

3. Check your account activity regularly:
We’ve made it easy to do this by sending your account’s e-statement on a monthly basis to your e-mail and also providing a statement of account view on Onepay, our Omni-channel banking app. Please check your account statement regularly and report any anomaly noticed immediately to Customer Care or your relationship manager.

4. Change Your Password Regularly:
One good way to ensure your details are not compromised is to make sure you change your password regularly. It is also important that your password is strong enough to prevent any form of hacking. Strong passwords make it difficult for anyone to figure out your details and access the funds in your account. A strong password should contain at least six characters (a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters), numbers and symbols. The more characters, the stronger the password. Example of a strong password – Demand03@FireWire20.

For more information, please contact our One Customer Centre on 07008220000 (070078375464), 014484481-5 or send an email to We would love to hear from you and provide the required solution that will satisfy you.

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43 Responses

    1. But why did you ask us to download your app, fill in our details, create passwords,only for the password to stop working immediately the app is closed? That looks fraudulent to me! You should have tested your app first, correct any mistake before asking us to download it. I am disappointed

    1. Hi Opeyemi, Kiki Whatsapp Banking is by Sterling Bank. The platform allows you consummate transactions at ease. However, please note that, Sterling will never call you to ask you for your personal information!

  1. This is very key most especially to customers that are not that learned. They are actually innocent and get caught up my these people.

  2. This is a very creative depiction of the ills perpetrated by the teeming number of fraudsters on numerous unsuspecting victims. The information is timely and aptly portrayed to effectively drive home the need for the utmost level of caution in responding to these non scrupulous individuals. Never relinquish your banking details via phone, mail or text. Very impressive initiative my One customer bank.

  3. I have been trying to change my previous number from bank to the new number am using because the old is not available anymore over a month now I have been trying to get this thing done nobody is answering me not even the Facebook messenger

    1. Hi John, we’re sorry to hear this. We find it quite strange that, feedback was not provided via Facebook handle. You can reach via us via Kiki Whatsapp Banking, email –, phone call 07008220000 or resend your details via our Facebook platform.

      We’d love to get this sorted out!

  4. What happened to your branch at Alaba International market? Where did you move the branch now?

  5. Dear Customer care,

    Base on onebank new application, we have been introducing this to people, some that have interest called that after downloading onebank when they got to the stage of Bvn/ date of birth inputs, they validate to move at next stage the reply was try again later this is not 1 person or 2 people that has this complaint’s.

    One of them said the application onebank while it’s doing like that, the faulty is from our technology they should to try rectify it in order to achieve this task.

    Kindly assist to resolve this issue to avoid customers complaints, this doesn’t speak well of our brand.

    Best regards…

  6. Please I mistakenly sent money to a Sterling Bank account. What can I do to recover my money please.

  7. Sincerely sterling bank should work on the so called app and secondly why all the number to reach customers not functioning and why email send not responding per issue complained rather continue on copy and paste reply show unserious industry treat problem the way it appear not proportional blames to covid-19 pandemic then doesn’t mean the system should completely stop if that be the case better than all means to reach is abortive and no others. Opening savings account you need debit card how would it be compulsory should be optional. Management should do the need and bring this challenges to it bearing minimum.charles

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