The world has evolved; civilization, modernization, and digitization has changed how things are done in all sectors of life (agriculture, education, health etc.)

The banking sector is not left behind in this evolution as digitization has changed the banking game, making it possible for us to transact, pay for goods and services, make investments and do so many other activities online from the comfort of our homes with just our mobile devices.

However, there is a major threat to digitization… CYBERCRIME.
Cybercrime has become so rampant and fraudulent technology experts popularly known as Hackers have become a serious challenge to the new trend of Mobile Banking.

As your One Customer Bank, we are investing in high-level security measures to reduce the rate of fraudulent activities and ensure that your details and transaction are safe at all times.

Regardless of all the security measures put in place to reduce the rate of fraudulent activities in the bank, the big news is that there is only one person in the world with the Superpowers needed to stop fraudsters from operating online and that person is YOU!

Here are 5 basic tips you must know and do to avoid being attacked by online fraudsters:

1. Do not reply Phone calls, Emails and texts requesting for your Banking details:
You might get phone calls, text messages and emails from unknown individuals requesting for your ATM card details or the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number. Please, do not reply or share the details requested for. Always verify the source of such requests as we will never send you a text, call or email requesting for your Password, OTP, PIN.

2. Always Keep Your BVN and Card Details Safe:
Never share your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and card PIN with anyone that’s not you. In the event that your ATM card gets misplaced or stolen, please contact our One Customer Centre on 070078375464 or send an email to immediately to report the incidence and block your card.

3. Check your account activity regularly:
We’ve made it easy to do this by sending your account’s e-statement on a monthly basis to your e-mail and also providing a statement of account view on Onepay, our Omni-channel banking app. Please check your account statement regularly and report any anomaly noticed immediately to Customer Care or your relationship manager.

4. Change Your Password Regularly:
One good way to ensure your details are not compromised is to make sure you change your password regularly. It is also important that your password is strong enough to prevent any form of hacking. Strong passwords make it difficult for anyone to figure out your details and access the funds in your account. A strong password should contain at least six characters (a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters), numbers and symbols. The more characters, the stronger the password. Example of a strong password-Demand03@FireWire20.

5. Watch your surroundings when making withdrawals on the ATM:
When approaching an ATM, pay attention to your surroundings and make sure no one is lurking around to steal your PIN and also find out how much money is in your account. Make use of ATMs you are familiar with and observe the machines for damages before slotting your ATM card in as it could have been tampered with by fraudsters.
For more information, please contact our One Customer Centre on 070078375464 or send an email to We would love to hear from you and provide the required solution that will satisfy you.

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