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When Will You Be Rich?

Maurice Igugu
Published: June 17, 2021

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Exclusive nigerian social media
Aliko Zuckerberg 1

Is social media the way to go? Your guess is as good as mine. In 2021; Not only did we mourn Twitter’s ban, but lots of Nigerians also switched to VPN make dem advertising dollars for no loss.  

Anyways, I am not here to debate the dynamics of the restriction but to inform you that based on recent valuation reports, your brother Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook, is 7 times richer than the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote. So, let us all imagine if one of us owned an exclusively Nigerian social media platform, like pure Naija content, nothing foreign. Can you begin to visualize what that would look like for a business in Nigeria? 

Just asking, wouldn’t you rather spend your money advertising there than having to stress your brain, narrowing down your targeting to a specific country and a particular region in that country, from a pool of the 156 countries in the world? 

Abeg, before you lynch me, I am only thinking aloud, and just maybe, I could be right. Who knows? Just so we are clear, the net worth of 37-year-old Zuck is higher than that of several Nigerian moguls put together, so, while we are famzing Mr. Ali, think about this as well. 

I also know that you might be tempted to list a few notable blogs as hubs for unadulterated Nigerian gist. Before you proceed, it is best we remind ourselves that those platforms are operating on rented infrastructure. If ‘they’ decide to ban them, anyways, let us not have that conversation because the signals from your eyes have already done the talking. 



In other news, though, just in case you are inspired to take on this project, we have a team of seasoned business analysts and a pool of resources at your disposal. We support Made in Nigeria initiatives from the ground up if you have thought it through and are willing to put in the work. 

SC Specta 1800 800 01

To tackle funding, Specta does it in 5 minutes. Looking for Co-founders or the right team because you obviously cannot do it all? You might want to visit the Business Hub, where the most talented people reside and the most experienced professionals coach them to success. So rather than doing the heavy lifting accompanied by a lot of trial and error, join this free community, and harvest the best crops. And because we believe in you, we have also created SPay for your payments and every other thing your business needs. 

Before I leave, I hope you know that you cannot entirely depend on a team of people to fully actualize your vision. You need some level of technical knowledge and business knowledge to help you weather the storm. Oldboy, it is gonna be a long night. So, brace yourself with our Nexford partnership where you get the best certifications for half the price of Ivy League MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs. With recognized ‘flauntable’ certificates and a community of world-class tutors and students, you just might get that big break you have been looking for.  

Interested? Click here to apply! 

It’s another workday, and a little inspiration is needed. 

Don’t just envy Dangote; aspire to be Zuck instead. 

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