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            Sterling PRO                 Token Frequently Asked Questions

About Sterling Pro

What is Sterling Pro?

Sterling Pro is our Corporate Internet Banking platform that has been designed to meet your business needs. It is our improvement on the old corporate internet banking platform

What are the unique features of Sterling Pro?

Improved Security, User friendly interface, Robust approval workflows & ability to initiate bulk transactions

How can you access Sterling Pro?

By visiting CIBS on either your laptop or desktop. Currently, the Sterling Pro application for mobile devices is only available for roles that need to approve transactions I.e. Verifier, Authorizer & Approver

What are the authentication methods available for consummating transactions on Sterling Pro?

Hard Token & M-token (Mobile Token). Information on these token types can be accessed here 


What type of customer is eligible to register on Sterling Pro?

Corporate account holders

What kind of requests can be done on Sterling Pro?

You can schedule statement delivery, initiate international transfers, generate reports, initiate bulk transfers & so much more.


How can I register on Sterling Pro?

You can either visit us at any of our branches to fill the enrollment form, request for the form via your Relationship Manager or send a mail to [email protected] indicating your interest to be profiled on the platform.

User roles & Functions

What tasks can an “Initiator” perform on Sterling Pro?

An initiator is able to initiate payments and service requests. The following tasks can be initiated by the “Initiator” on Sterling Pro

  • Single interbank or intrabank transfers
  • Bulk transfers upload (Click the instruction tab for upload template as well as bank codes)
  • Recurring transfer setup.
  • Scheduled statement delivery
  • Beneficiary Management (Addition of new beneficiaries & deletion/deactivation of existing beneficiaries)

Who is a “Verifier” and what roles/task can he/she perform on Sterling Pro?

A Verifier simply acts as a checker of any transaction initiated by the “Initiator”

Who is an “Approver” and what roles/task can he/she perform on Sterling Pro?

An Approver is tasked with the responsibility of approving verified transactions on Sterling Pro. Status of each transaction can either be accepted or rejected by the Him/Her

Who is an “Authorizer” and what roles/task can he/she perform on Sterling Pro?

An authorizer, authorizes approved transactions. Details of transactions requiring authorization can be viewed on the authorizer’s dashboard and can either be rejected or accepted

Why are there various approval levels for consummating transactions on Sterling Pro?

The approval levels are put in place to ensure security of transactions and also serves as an added level of authentication before transactions are completed on the platform

What do I do if the initiator on our Sterling Pro profile has left the organization?

The corporate administrator should create another initiator and deactivate the previous one, this applies to all other roles. In addition, transactions are not linked to users, but to roles.

Token (Mobile & Hard)

Can I use my old token on the Sterling Pro platform i.e token linked to the old corporate internet banking service?

No, you can’t. You’d be required to use the M-Token or request a hard token at any of our branches  …. Please click here for more information on token types on Sterling Pro


Why do I have to buy a new token when I still have the old one?

The Sterling Pro platform is programmed differently hence the need to pick up a new token. As an alternative, you can download the M-Token (mobile application)


Is there a transaction limit on the Sterling Pro platform?

The transaction limit on the Sterling Pro platform is ten million naira (N10,000,000

Can this limit be enhanced and how?

Yes, it can, you can liaise with your Relationship Manager or visit us at the branch to increase the limit beyond N10,000,000. Alternatively, please share a duly signed instruction on your company letterhead stating request and amount you’d like your limit to be enhanced to [email protected]


View/Download Statement

Step 1.

  • Click on the accounts menu
  • Click on request statement (select account)
  • Follow on-screen instructions (select date range and format: pdf or excel)
  • Click on request statement (this triggers a copy to clients registered email)

Step 2.  To view downloaded statement:

Click on accounts menu

  • Click view requested statement
  • Click on download statement (this may take up to 5-mins to download)

Please note that a copy is sent to your registered email address (also check junk and spam folders) and can be accessed on the platform by clicking on view requested statement. 

After clicking on view statement, a “please wait” screen pops up, if you are not redirected in about 5-mins please close that screen > click on the accounts menu > view requested statement.

I forgot my password; how do I retrieve this?

Please click on “Forgot Password” and follow the on-screen instructions. Reset information will be sent to your registered email address, please look through your inbox, junk, spam and thrash folders OR send a duly signed written instruction (on company letter head) requesting a password reset to [email protected]

I keep getting the error message “You are not authorized to view this page”? What does this mean?

Are you the sole signatory? If no, please advise the administrator to profile you correctly.

Can a sole signatory corporate account holder be profiled on Sterling Pro?

Yes, he/she can. However, the account holder must be profiled as both the admin and authorizer

Can a multiple signatory account be profiled on the platform as a sole user?

Yes, He/She can. However, all signatories to the account must come to a consensus and provide a duly signed instruction affirming the single user account creation.

Can I access my Sterling Pro profile and consummate transactions outside Nigeria?

Yes, you can. The platform can be accessed anywhere irrespective of location. You’re only required to have good internet connection

How can an Admin edit users on Sterling Pro?

He/She should click on any of the existing user/usernames and edit as required. This feature allows the administrator to either deactivate user or change user role i.e Initiator- Approver- Authorizer

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