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Investor Relations

Sterling Bank Ltd “the one-customer bank” is a full service national commercial bank in Nigeria.

USD/NGN - BUY: 1413.00, SELL: 1414.00 | GBP/NGN - BUY: 1742.23, SELL: 1828.30| EUR/NGN - BUY: 1489.44, SELL: 1561.20 | ZAR/NGN - BUY: 72.50, SELL: 76.01| PTA/INVISIBLES - | SME -



Our Rich History

In over 60 years of operations, Sterling Bank (formerly NAL Bank) has evolved from the nation’s pre-eminent investment banking institution to a fully-fledged commercial bank; and completed a merger with 4 other banks – Indo-Nigeria Merchant Bank, Magnum Trust Bank, NBM Bank and Trust Bank of Africa – as part of the 2006.

Why Invest in Sterling Bank

• Nigeria’s pre-eminent investment banking

• Growing presence in retail banking

• Strong leadership brands across all financial services segments

• A sound corporate governance model

• Excellent technology infrastructure and innovative products

• People-oriented customer-focused institution – ‘One Customer’ Bank

• Scale with clear intent. Managed diversification of the business model

• Long-term stable ownership base to support strategy

Share Price: ₦3.55.
Download the Sterling Bank Annual Report 2022

Sterling Certificate of Incorporation

Sterling Bank Group AFS 2020

Other Documents

Get In Touch

The Head Office
Sterling Towers, 20 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos.

+234 (1) 904 6610
+234 (1) 279 0371
+234 (0) 811 454 7436​

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