USD/NGN – BUY: 380:00, SELL: 380.50 | GBP/NGN – BUY: 484:49, SELL: 500.35 | EUR/NGN – BUY: 439:65, SELL: 455.45 | ZAR/NGN – BUY: 22:38, SELL: 23.63 | PTA/INVISIBLES – 385.00 | SME – 385.00

WhatsApp Banking​

Sterling WhatsApp Banking is designed to make banking transactions as easy as chatting with your friend. Buy airtime, make transfers and more by simply chatting. Experience a whole new world of convenient banking without leaving your home, whilst on your phone.

ChatPay - Kiki

Kiki will help you answer all your enquiries on the App which include locating a Sterling branch or ATM closest to you, resolving any disputes with no forms or visit to the bank, credit score much more. Relax and let Kiki handle it. Also available in OnePay App.

Credit Cards

Enjoy excellent spending power with your Sterling credit card. It provides access to a revolving line of credit to meet financial needs of a cardholder. It typically gives cardholders control to manage spends against their salary payments and investments at the end of each month.

Café One

This is a digital experience centre where premium banking services are offered at no cost. A serene environment for networking, strategy sessions and business meetings only with a cup of coffee. Open to you on weekdays and weekends too. Join our community today and experience innovation.

One Woman

One Woman is designed to cater for the needs of professional women. The proposition comprises of an array of value-add offerings developed to meet their financial, business and personal needs. With the One Woman debit card, you become a member of the Sterling OneWoman community.

The Business Hub

TBH is here to help you network, build your business and grow it. We have conducive meeting rooms and co-working spaces where you meet, interact and connect with people of like minds. There’s also a fashion lounge with equipment ready for your use at minimum cost.


Switch offers you secure, quick and convenient banking. The platform gives you easy access to multi-currency savings, cheaper transfer rates and the best lending, investment and insurance products in Nigeria. You can either carry out transactions with your wallet or account.


This is a contactless card that is designed to make your journey around Lagos less stressful. With your ATM card, you can fund your farepay card. Then you simply “tap in and tap out” when you board the BRT buses. You no longer have to haggle prices or queue to purchase bus tickets.


This account offers you flexibility to open and run a sterling account from any where in the world, helping you manage your relationships in Nigeria whilst abroad. You will also have access to our digital platform, switch, where you can carry out all your banking transactions seamlessly.

Download the Sterling Bank Plc Annual Report 2019

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