Failed Transaction Form

A Failed Transaction:
This is when your account is debited for a transaction which did not give you the intended value. It happens when:
(1.) The ATM does not give you cash but your account is debited for the same amount.
(2.) The POS/Web declines your transaction, but your account is debited for the same value.

When a Failed Transaction Is Reversed


 Local Transactions

 Foreign Transactions


 Sterling Bank’s   ATM/POS/Merchant   Website

 Other Banks’   ATM/POS/Merchant Website

 ATM/POS/Merchant Website


 2 Days

 5 – 8 Days

 45 Days

ATM: Withdrawals, Funds Transfer and Bill Payments

USSD: Airtime, Funds Transfers and Bills Payments

Onepay: Airtime, Funds Transfer, Bills Payments


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