Even On Mothers’ Day Too?

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I cannot lie; the power situation in this Nigeria cannot just let you be great.

A whole Mother’s day and to call my Mama na wahala.

One whole week and no light and you’ll at least believe that with the increased price per barrel of oil in the international market, pump price will be cheaper but NO!

It’s now N212 naira per litre and as if that was not enough, the gen now went and spoilt, on top women’s week.

Fuel 2

Just when I thought the issue was exclusive to my street, Omolara called to bash her landlady who ‘refused to give them light’ when their neighbours were enjoying power. Babe vex no be small but when I told her that it was a general issue, at least she calmed down.

But how do you have light when there’s a blackout in your area?

The answer is simple; IMPERIUM!

Look, gone are those days when visitors will come around and you’ll be serving them hot drinks that are not alcohol. Where is your church mind? The money you’ll be using to buy this fuel, shebi if you ration it small small, you’ll just get yourself a solar inverter on Imperium?

Nobody’s asking for an outright fee. When you just click here, there are options for you, even if you want to pay now now. Life is easy and imperium makes it worth it.

Now that the sun is shining and the people holding the power have decided to hold it tight to their chest, shebi I’m enjoying cool AC and drinking chilled coke?

All I did was go to Imperium to get mine so that by the next Mother’s day in May, my case will be different!

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