I Just Said, ‘Lemme Ask You’

Is the lockdown over yet or should we wait for another?

The truth is that despite the pandemic which was the major reason for the lockdown, I can bet you that some people are really for the time when we did not need to go to work.

A lot of emphasis was placed on the loss, death and infection cases and rightfully so. However, if we sit down to audit our before and after on account of the past months, we would discover a few ‘blessings’ we would have not otherwise enjoyed, save for the situation.

First is traffic. Can you calculate how much you saved on fuel to work that period? If you have done the math, you would discover that if you had put it in Doubble, by now, you would be half-way through paying for that car or phone. Just in case you’re still short on cash to augment, Specta can help out.

Sterling Bank's Specta produces “PayWithSpecta” to boosts business sales,  give credit limits | Naija247news

Is it just me or were some of us also cooking while ‘meeting’? Some even did their shopping while on zoom calls. Thank God for virtual backgrounds. Anything was possible.

Or was it the part where almost all houses were filled with delivery boxes? I’m sure some neighbours became jealous because they ‘thought’ they could not afford what their next doors were getting without ‘waka-ing’ under the sun. Only if they knew that anybody can get anything they want with Altmall. All they need to do is allow us pay while they pay small small till they finish.

AltMall | Home

How about certifications? Do you remember when some Ivy league schools gave global access to their courses for free? Let me ask; how many did you get? Even we at Sterling partnered with Nexford University to bring this home to Nigeria. For more information, click here.

There’s more but I’ll prefer to stop talking now and hear from you.

How did the Lockdown help you advance your personal, business or career goals?

Please don’t keep the comment section waiting!

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