Don’t You Want to Get Married?

by Kyrian Offor

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She returned from work.


And so she sat on her kitchen table, ate the dinner she bought on her way back.

Rested for a minute before she headed to her bedroom to have a shower.

Fifteen minutes later, she was lying on the bed.

In her nightie.

Head placed on the bedrail.

As she thumbed through her Facebook feed, laughing over funny posts and videos.

When the message popped, she sighed and ignored it.

That stranger who sent periodic – hello and how are you doing? – to her, since she accepted his request.

She never bothered to check out his profile, nor his pictures since she accepted his request.

So, one day, a weekend, after she woke up in the middle of the night to ease herself and couldn’t sleep back anymore.

She sat up on the bed, picked her phone from the nightstand, unlocked it, and logged in to Facebook.

The first thing she saw on her feed was a picture he posted.

A picture of him.

She was taken by his cuteness, prominence, and his caption that was filled with brilliance, humor, and intelligence.

And before she knew it she had clicked on his profile and began checking other pictures of his and his posts.

He was her spec and she was chagrined to note that lately.

She smiled to herself, leaned on the pillow, clicked on the message, and responded to his unattended messages.

He had been sending these for nearly a year now.

The first was greeting and checking up.

The second was introduction.

Another one was to know why she was ignoring his messages.

She read them all, apologized for replying late.

She never knew he was online until he replied almost immediately.

“Oh, goodness. Finally.”

PS: to be continued here tomorrow!

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