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Big Boy Resolutions for 2022

Sterling Bank
Published: February 7, 2022

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Big Boy Resolutions Header

So you mean to tell me that you’re already tired of chilling with the big boys? One night out with the real ballers of Lagos and Abuja and your account balance is shedding tears? Jesus didn’t die on the cross for the type of sapa you are experiencing abi?

It’s time for you to be THE big boy everyone wants to chill and bamba with! But you can’t change your situation if you don’t change some of your nonsense money habits NGL. 2021 came for us real hard but like agege bread, we rise!

Here are five new year resolutions and habits you need to adopt in 2022 in order to roll like a big boy;

  1. Avoid wickedness

Whether it’s yoruba men you do usually like or igbo babes, you had better shine your eyes for 2022. And if you are the perpetrator always showing people pepper, you better mind your worse!

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  1. Manage your time wisely

Omo this new year, we no get time to waste time sha! Bank smarter with Onebank and have quick access to your account manager via your phone or any other mobile device instead of waiting at long bank queues. You fit also use the QR Code to shop. Instead of traveling to any atm, no matter how close it is, the QR Code option is always closer.


  1. Go big or Go home

My people see lemme just tell you something, any opportunity you get to show off your skills, talents and abilities on Buhari’s internet… no miss am o!!! Register that business on The Business Hub and start receiving big big orders from your customers. Las Las, you can always go home sha… there is rice at home.

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  1. Don’t do life alone

I know you want to wear pyjamas this coming christmas, don’t worry your village people will make it happen. But have you ever considered saving with your closest pals on the Ajo community feature on OneBank? You get to rise together and keep each other accountable. Let it not be that its only you that’s large and in charge in Detty December 2022.

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  1. Invest your mula

Shey you know you don’t have to be a millionaire before you start investing into your future. Na why I wan plug you this plugging. Don’t see this alone, share with at least 2 friends. But did you know that you can now connect your E-Naira to your OneBank account? We’ve posted the 5 easy steps for you to do this and start investing in digital currency like a sharp guy.

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We are calling this year a No Dulling, No simping and No carrying last year. Everybody go BAM BA las las! 

Happy New year!!!

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