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Detty On A Budget

Sterling Bank
Published: November 29, 2021

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Detty December on a Budget: Do’s And Dont’s For The Perfect December Rocks

Take a second, think deeply, and ask yourself, “How much fun did I have this year?” If you cannot think back to at least three solid FUN moments during the whole of 2021, you should just go and kneel down in one corner, raise your hands and close your eyes👀😂.

But seriously, 2021 started off as a breath of fresh air since the lockdown had begun to ease up, and the world had started to open up again. As the year goes by, we won’t deny that there were good times and there were bad times but now that December is coming, we get to look forward to the most anticipated of times- time to Detty everywhere again!!!

For some reason, everyone on Twitter thinks that in order to have the most fun this festive season, you have to have the fullest pocket but I beg to differ. Only the real ones know the secret to having a full December of activities so if you don’t want your village people to win, here are 5 Do’s and Dont’s for the perfect December Rocks on a budget:

  1. Do turn your post notifications on

During this period, many brands & companies are looking to host private fun spaces for youths to turn up. So keep your ears on the ground to spot these opportunities on time. Make sure you are following @sterlingbank so you don’t carry last.

  1. Don’t go out without your circle of friends

They bring the vibe and y’all can split the checks. It’s always best to go out with fun people who want to detty everywhere and can be accountable for your whereabouts.  Better be opening that GC so you can kill three birds with one stone.

  1. Do jeje and keep it simple

Yes! You want to detty the whole of Lagos, ABJ, and Port-Harcourt but ask yourself…is it necessary though? During this period, there are unlimited house parties, beach parties, events, raves, concerts, owambe, etc. So just keep the movement simple and go for the ones you will actually enjoy. If you no get Megan knees to stand all night, no go concert o. Ah!

  1. Don’t finish all your money

Someone had to say it and it had to be us. It’s always sweet to dirty the streets in December but don’t forget that January has 1000 days. Make Sapa no slap you left right-center. Remember that you can allocate your budget on OneBank and still save as much as you want. Ma fo.

  1. Be an Early Bird

If you want to save while spending, make sure to buy your event tickets earlier. After all, I’ve noticed that early bird tickets are always less expensive than buying close to the event.


  1. Don’t go and follow IJGB

Ladies and Gentlement, the Dollar/pound to Naira exchange rate is still very much real o. Don’t go and spend your 150k salary on Azul and be trying to email us at Specta to collect an instant loan of up to 5million naira. Nobody will clean your tears if you follow an IJGB to be getting brunch every other day. To be forewarned is to be what?

  1. Do more events that you love

FOMO has pushed many introverts that only listen to Kosobabire to be attending overnight events where the artist will na come out by 2am to be singing. Detty December is not for the faint-hearted. Please detty the streets however you like, either by attending silent disco parties, sip and paint, comedy shows or Eat Drink Festival… baby do you!

  1. Don’t go and fall in love

Nobody works harder than the Devil when he is trying to push you inside koto! Make them no push you to fall in love with Amaka that’s going to her village. The season is to shake body not to be catching feelings. Abeg o

  1. Do usually be cooking at home

The best way to save money this December is to just eat at home jeje. Or at least target 5-6 Owambe’s that you will chop clean mouth balance well before you head over to the beach or the club. Make them no take your glory with food o

  1. Don’t go to your village empty-handed

As you are having fun and living large, just make sure you don’t forget the people at home. This festive season is the SZN to give and receive love so make sure you are asking for someone’s OneBank Account number today. Collect your neighbor’s children’s I-Can-Save details too and be a blessing to those around you.

In conclusion, I hope I have been able to convince and not confuse you that this detty December is about to be a lituation!!! Las las if it all comes down to ruins, you can always stay in your house and be watching your friends’ stories as they are chopping life. So far as your January is secured, you are A-OK good to go. Abi no be so?

Be sure to tag a friend who needs these 10 do’s and dont’s on how to detty the streets this December period and tell us which advice resonated with you the most.

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