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The Journey to Number 1

Sterling Bank
Published: February 23, 2021

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If you think that Game of Thrones was mere fiction, please think again.

You know how sometime last month, Elon Musk, who held the title of World’s Richest Man for a week or thereabouts, was dethroned by Jeff Bezos. It felt like something that happened in the comic series, Flash when right before our very eyes and just when we were commiserating with our African brother, Jeff came and ‘swept him off his feet’.

Days after this, the Amazon boss came back to say he is resigning and guess what? He’s moving to focus on the Day 1 Fund, which is similar to what Elon does. Please tell me in the comments if it’s just me or you also don’t get what’s going on.

Anyways, as February has not now agreed to end, Elon is back on top as richest man. You see what he did there? Just like Tyrion Lanister, Baba snuck back when no one was watching. When I told you that the Jon Snow show was not just entertainment, I hope you see what I mean.

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However, this did not happen overnight. The Tesla Mogul’s wealth shot up after SpaceX received another round of funding, which brings me to the ‘koko’ of the matter. As this battle continues, I just thought to inform us that it’s time to scale. I know their gist is sweet to watch but please, take advantage of Specta. These guys are heavily funded and you should be too.

If the big guys receive help, I’m not sure what you as a small business are waiting for. Better still, if money is not your problem (I want to be like you when I grow up) but you want a support and accountability group that can meet your non-financial needs, it’s the Business Hub for me!



This is a community where businesses like yourself come to draw strength, receive advisory services, vent, learn; all for free. I don’t need to tell you how running a business in this country is not beans, so, while the two elephants are busy brushing their tusks and generating juicy content for us, you too, come and get financing from Specta. While you’re at it, join The Business Hub before you get drained. Burn-out is actually a thing.

Finally, misery loves company and so does joy. Instead of complaining on your status about how you lost your ‘dragons’, come and vent in the hub so the right people can hear and support you. Another interesting thing is that you get to enjoy our ‘expense tracking system’ called SterlingPro. That way, you’ll know what exactly you spent the funds on.

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I just said let me tell you guys what I heard. Please drop your own news in the comment section so that we too can learn.

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