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About SterlingPro

SterlingPro, our Corporate Internet Banking platform is designed for your business to enable you view, manage and transact on all your corporate accounts while safeguarding your information and access with robust security features.

More than just an internet banking solution, SterlingPro is a comprehensive tool crafted to put you in control of your business’ finances and supercharge your operations.

What SterlingPro can do for your Business

SterlingpPro is designed with the flexibility to meet the specific structure of your organization, so you don’t have to change your financial processes to fit our system. Key features include:

Integration with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

With easy enterprise integration that allows our solution sync perfectly with your business finance systems, you can integrate the SterlingPro API to your current ERP system to gain access to all the features of SterlingPro that suits your business

Enhanced foreign and domestic transfers

SterlingPro allows you process and track international payments from your foreign currency accounts domiciled in Sterling, to banks within and outside Nigeria. You can also process domestic payments, including high value transactions from your account in single or bulk format

Real-time transaction monitoring

SterlingPro provides you with a wide variety of options to monitor your transaction real-time. These options allow you download account statements, view and download transaction reports, view account balance and account summary, view transaction status and receipt generation

Vendor Management

SterlingPro enables you add key distributors sales accounts and vendors to your profile so that you can collaborate effortlessly, manage, and track the flow of funds to and from your vendors or key distributors.

Liquidity Management

This feature allows you to automatically move funds from your collection account to your transactional account.

Bills payment

With SterlingPro, you can make payments for Custom duties, Lagos State taxes & levies and payments to Government agencies

User and Account Permissions

SterlingPro lets you decide the levels of access, task permissions, payment limits and approval levels for users. Accesses and privileges can be customized so they can only see and action the functions you choose

Increased Security

With Sterling Pro, your business’ transactions and information are even more secure than ever. The platform delivers an extra level of security when authorizing changes or making payments, using our secure hard and mobile tokens

Further information

To find out more information of the features available in SterlingPro, please download the user guide

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