Fireworks display

With the series of events that happened in 2020, you’d almost feel like you were in a movie, right?

It is a fact that we are ending this year with way thicker skin than we started off with, now we can tell our grandkids our experiences during the great pandemic, how hugging your loved ones could literally kill them, and how we were present during a socio-political awakening amongst Nigerian youths……phew.

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What a year!

But holiday season always lightens things up. Christmas was a little different this year because we did not travel or have guests over (Covid19 is still looming around) but we spent quality time with our immediate families, with a lot of indoor activities and reminiscing on old times. Jollof was obviously involved even though the economy almost made getting rice impossible.

Santa Claus AKA Father Christmas couldn’t really drop by this year; I guess he was social distancing too, so the presents were not as extravagant but we remain thankful. At Sterling, we even created our versions of Santa here and shared with loved ones.

BTW, did you see the video on social media of Santa and spider man fighting too? That was definitely not my Santa🤣. Just manage this image; the video is super hilarious!

spider man meets santa claus by nick perks d9jmzsj

Although there is supposed to be a ban on fireworks on this side of the country, we still heard a lot of ‘bangers’ throughout the festivities and are expecting the most beautiful display on New year’s.

All in all, it was a December we did not realize we needed; filled with peace, quiet, laughter and good times.

You know how there are rumors going about that overhyping killed 2020. We are entering this new year careful and hopeful.

What are your hopes and goals for the new year?

Tell us in the comment section.

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