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Business Advisory

Advice beyond Finance – get expert business advice with our specialists

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Business Registration

Registering a new business can require considerable amount of time and effort. For your convenience, we have partnered with experienced professionals


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Business Diagnostic Tool

Our customized business assessment tool will enable you understand your business better with strategic areas of improvement advised

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Website creation

Gift your business a website at reduced cost. A well-built and maintained website can help your business gain competitive advantage and improve your business image.

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Tax Consulting & Accounting Services

We understand that tax management Is a challenge to businesses thus we offer assistance through the use of well-tested professionals to relieve your business from worries relating to tax computations, payments and compliance.

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Inventory Management

Having a reliable inventory management system is crucial for both businesses and its owners. With this service, access to complete stock position which will enable your business make important decisions on stocking and orders is guaranteed.

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Capacity Building

At the Sterling SME Academy, we work together with experts from different fields to provide quality training and workshops. This is in-line with our mission to enrich lives thus access to a variety of information, programs and funding sources are also made available.

Business Advisory

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