Abandon Caution

abandon caution landscape

So you ignore the warnings, put your mask aside, shake hands and hug everyone you see and finally come home to carry crying junior, without washing your hands? Parenting instinct, abi? Hmm…it’s not your fault but COVID-19 does not understand that one.

The numbers these past weeks are high up there and might increase because of us. When last did you see plenty people wearing masks?

I think that even the price of hand sanitizer has dropped, not just because of the DIY brands but as a result of the ‘no time’ syndrome. Even the ones in the Banking halls don’t finish as frequently anymore.

Mama-put shops have opened and you’re queuing at Iya Basira’s bukka; be careful because you don’t know the status of those people sneezing anyhow. Don’t go and give innocent people free gift at home. Oya say it; God forbid! as the true Nigerian that you are.

Mind you; if another lockdown starts, it will not be like before. Common two months and businesses were shaking. People were fasting for container to land; as we speak my shoe has not left China even after delivery has been paid for. ‘Just fink about it’, in Josh2Funny’s voice.

Anyway, maybe I’m the only one that’s tired of seeing my sister every morning at home. If you share my concern, then you’ll know that schools will not resume if the cost is not clear or at least, close to clear.

The other day, parents complained that they’re still paying the same school fees as before, even when they’re the ones feeding the kids, buying data for online class, paying NEPA bill and having headache on top doing assignment.

Please, let’s give ourselves brain. It’s better we just comply and allow this virus to leave. We can go back to ‘chill mode’ post-COVID.

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