What They Don’t Tell You About Valentine’s Day

As a single person, it’s very easy to get into the blues on Valentine’s Day. Especially when your single is so single that you’re not even expecting boxers or singlets from someone’s daughter and flowers from someone’s son.

Sha! As for me, nobody can tell me that Valentine’s Day is not a scam, especially since I can see these vendors on The Business Hub cashing out from their beautiful gift hampers and packages. Well, if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone like me, here are some things you should know. 

  1. You can quickly enter someone else’s relationship before that day 

Whoever said three is a crowd clearly has never had a valentine’s day where three people exchange gifts! If you find a relationship that you like and the couple seems nice, just enter it and thank me later. You people might as well also open an AJO community savings bracket on the OneBank app, so everyone has money to go all out on the D-Day. 

  1. You can buy your own gifts 

As far as I’m concerned, you’re supposed to be your own biggest fan, lover, and sponsor. So, if you buy flowers for yourself and post it on Instagram saying, “Bae spoils me so much”, you’re technically not wrong or a liar. 

Make sure you check out AltMall.ng to order the gifts you love and use your Ultra Card for special discounts 😉😉

  1.  Valentine is on a Monday asper a work day 😆🥳🎉

Since we are in the year of being booked and busy, don’t let anyone tension you for spending extra hours at work. If you work in an open office space, just work from the boardroom so you don’t have to see the gifts flocking in to your colleagues. And if they do anyhow, just transfer all your deliverables to them. Rubbish 😂😆 

Las las, you can always take up your love life in prayer at Shiloh or focus on growing your money with i.invest or start working on that business with the special help of The Business Hub. You will be alright. 

Disclaimer: Guys, please note that the opinions expressed in this article belong to one very single content writer reporting from the seventh floor in Sterling Headquarters. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Sterling or its employees in general. Park well! 

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