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Here are some quick answers to your frequent questions around our product offerings. Please click on any product and scroll down to find the question that speaks to your need. If you still require our help with any of the products/services. please call our contact center 

0700 822 0000






How do I sign up as a new customer?

Download the OneBank app from your app store. Launch the app. When asked if you have a Sterling Bank account, click ‘No I do not’, then provide your email address and phone number. Select preferred account, provide BVN & other related details. Create username and security information. Provide the necessary documents and complete process.

How do I refer my friends to OneBank?

Login to OneBank& tap “More” on the landing page. Scroll down and tap “Referrals” under the “Accounts” category. Tap “Invite your friends” and share via your preferred messaging app.

How do I get a loan through OneBank?

Launch OneBank, go to menu at the upper left-hand side of the app and tap “Investments and Loans”. Select “Specta” to request for a Loan and follow the prompts. Alternatively, you may also request a credit card within the app.

How do I invest through OneBank?

Launch OneBank, go to menu at the extreme upper left-hand side of the app and tap “Investments and Loans”. Select  “Doubble” to start investment plans from 6 months to 10 years or you may choose fixed deposit or call deposit and follow the prompts.

What do I do if I have given out my security information to suspected fraudsters?

Block your account immediately by dialing *822*911# from any mobile number and follow the prompts. However, you must be a registered Sterling USSD user to do this. Register on USSD now by dialing *822# then click “Registration” and follow the prompts.

What do I do if someone calls or sends a message to me, claiming to be from Sterling and is requesting for my OTP and other security information?

DO NOT disclose your security information under any circumstance. Disconnect the call immediately and call our One Customer Centre on 07008220000 to confirm genuity of the call and resolve any pending issue on your account

What do I need to open an account through OneBank?

There are different account classifications on OneBank.

Savings: You need your BVN, Valid ID, and Utility bill (not older than six months).

Current: You need your BVN, Valid ID, and Utility bill (not older than six months), 2 referees.

Wallet: BVN and personal information.

Personal Information required: (Date of Birth, Email address and residential  address).

How do I perform transactions like funds transfer, airtime recharge and bills payment?

Launch OneBank and login. On the landing page, tap “Send Money” to transfer funds to yourself or another beneficiary. Tap “Airtime” to purchase Airtime for yourself or others, or tap “Bills Payment” to pay bills like Cable TV bills, Electricity, Internet subscription etc.

How do I transfer funds to an account outside Nigeria?

Launch OneBank and login, go to Menu at the extreme upper left-hand side of the app and tap “Payments”. Tap Foreign Transfers and follow the prompts. Make sure to have enough information about the beneficiary including account information and Bank information

How do I set a new password after forgetting my current password?

Launch and at the login page, tap “Forgot Password” and follow the prompts. You will need your account number, BVN and a valid Debit Card information to complete this process. Select preferred Card for authentication and provide the Card information. Your Password will be reset successfully

What is the transaction limit on my account(s) on OneBank?

The default daily transaction limit per customer on OneBank is N500,000. However, you can manage your limit yourself on OneBank, using your valid debit card. Daily transaction limit for a Wallet/Financial Inclusion account is N50,000

How do I increase or decrease my daily transaction limit?

Once you login to OneBank, proceed to Support & Settings then Transaction Limits to set your preferred daily transaction limits

How do I refer prospective customers to OneBank?

Launch OneBank, login and tap “More” on the landing page. Scroll down and tap “Referrals” under the “Accounts” category. Tap “Invite your friends” and share via your preferred messaging app.

I can’t see my referral code, how do I access it?

Log in to OneBank and proceed to Menu. You will see your referral code at the top right of your Menu page. Alternatively, upon login, you can access it by clicking More on your OneBank home page, scroll down to Accounts and tap Referrals; you will see it boldly written in capital letters and alphanumeric text.

As a new customer, how do I register for OneBank?

Download Sterling OneBank from your app store, tap sign up and indicate that you do not have a Sterling account then follow the prompts. Depending on the type of account that you want to open, you will need supporting documents like valid ID, esignature, passport photo etc.

What android devices does the app support?

OS 6 and above. Upgrade your Android OS, to download OneBank and get the best of it

What are the benefits of registering a OneBank app?

You get to have your bank on your phone. Make payments, borrow, invest easily

Where on OneBank can I check foreign exchange rates?

Login to your OneBank and on the home page, you will see the live foreign exchange rates scrolling at the bottom of the home page

Can I operate OneBank from abroad?

Yes you can operate your OneBank app from abroad as a full account holder with BVN or as a Wallet user without BVN

My OneBank is blocked, what do I do?

Call us on 07008220000 or send us an email at Alternatively, you may visit the nearest Sterling branch to you


What is USSD Service?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It allows Sterling Bank customers have access to basic financial services by simply dialing *822#.

How can I register for the Service?

You can automatically register for the service if you are an account holder by dialing *822*1*NUBAN# OR the system automatically prompts you to register when you try any transaction. As part of the registration process, you will be required to create a PIN to enable you access the Intra and Inter Bank transfer services on the USSD platform. Corporate account holders are not eligible. NUBAN is your 10-digit account number.

Do I need to have airtime on my Phone line to access this service?

For airtime purchase on Airtel, Etisalat, GLO and MTN, you do not need to have airtime on your phone. Just dial *822*Amount#

What is the maximum amount of airtime i can buy?

You can buy up to N20,000 airtime in a single purchase, and N20,000 limit per day.

What is the maximum amount I can transfer?

You can transfer up to N20,000 per transaction with PIN 1, and up to N100,000 per transaction with PIN 2, with a daily limit of N100,000 for savings and current account.

What happens if my transfer or airtime top up fails and my account has been debited?

An auto reversal to credit your account will be effected within 24 hours. If this does not take place, kindly contact our Contact Centre on 07008220000 or send an email to

What can I do if I misplace my phone?

Dial *822*911# from any mobile phone to block your account or USSD access. Also, you can call our contact Centre to disable USSD service on your account.

What can I do if I forget my PIN?

Dial *822# and select PIN reset from the menu, you will be required to use your card details to complete PIN reset.

How secure is the USSD service?

Transactions on your USSD can only be done from the phone number registered with the bank. Also, you are required to set and confirm your PIN (4-digit) at the point of registration. This PIN is personal and should be kept safe.

Charges Applicable

Transfer – within Sterling                   Free
Transfer – Other banks                       N10.75 (Below N5,000 VAT inclusive)

Transfer – Other banks                       N26.86 (N5,000 – N50,000 VAT inclusive)

Transfer – Other banks                       N52.50 (Above N50,000 VAT inclusive)
Check account balance                     N10.05 (VAT inclusive)
Retrieve account number                  N10.05(VAT inclusive)

Bill Payment                                        N105 (VAT inclusive)

Merchant Payment                             N20

Whatsapp Banking

How can I register for the Service?

  1. Add the Banks verified WhatsApp phone number 0906 000 6449 to your contact list.
  2. Chat with Kiki by saying “Hi” or “Hello”
  3. Accept terms and condition by inputting “I agree + your sterling bank account number
  4. Input the OTP sent to the registered phone number attached to your BVN number 5. Create your PIN by providing your Card details.

Can I use this service if I’m not a sterling Bank Customer?

The service is currently available for only Sterling customers

Do I need to have airtime to access this service?

No, you need not have airtime to access this service, unless if your internet connectivity plan requires that you have airtime to connect to instant messaging app such as WhatsApp.

Do I need Data or internet connectivity to access Sterling WhatsApp?

Yes, you will require data to be able to access services on WhatsApp, this is no different from how you connect with friends via WhatsApp for Instant messaging. 

What is the maximum amount of airtime I can buy?

You can buy up to N20,000 airtime in a single purchase, and N20,000 limit per day. 

What is the maximum amount I can transfer?

You can transfer up to N50,000 per transaction, and up to N100,000 per day.

What happens if my transfer or airtime top up fails and my account has been debited?

An auto reversal of the value is effected to your account within 24 hours. If this does not take place, kindly contact our customer care  on 0700 822 0000 or send an email to

What can I do if I misplace my phone?

Call our contact Centre to disable WhatsApp’s Banking service on your account.

How secure is the WhatsApp Banking service?

You are required to set and confirm your PIN (4-digit) at the point of registration. This PIN is personal and should be kept safe.

Applicable Charges

Transfer – within Sterling – No Cost

Other banks

N0 – N5,000                            N10 (VAT not inclusive)
N5,001 – N50,000                   N25 (VAT not inclusive)

N50,001 & Above                     N50 (VAT not inclusive)

How do I make balance enquiry on Sterling WhatsApp





Step 1

Customer initiates a conversation with Kiki on WhatsApp


Step 2


Kiki responds with a list of services

Step 3

Customer types “Bal” or “Balance” for balance enquiry.


Step 4


Kiki provides account balance of all customer’s account


How do I purchase airtime on Sterling WhatsApp

Airtime TopUp – Self





Step 1

Customer initiates a conversation with Kiki on WhatsApp


Step 2


Kiki responds with a list of services

Step 3

Customer types “TopUp” + “Amount” on Kiki


Step 4


Kiki prompts customer to select account to transact from.

Step 5


Kiki validates selected account.

If account is not okay, Kiki terminates the TopUp.

If account is okay, Kiki consummates transaction and tops up customer’s number on CBA.

Airtime TopUp – Others




Step 1

Customer initiates a conversation with Kiki on WhatsApp


Step 2


Kiki responds with a list of services

Step 3

Customer types “TopUp” + “Amount” + “Beneficiary phone number” on Kiki.


Step 4


Kiki prompts customer to select account to transact from

Step 5


Kiki validates selected account.

If account is not okay, Kiki terminates the TopUp.

If account is okay, step below refers.

Step 6


Kiki sends an OTP to customer’s phone number on CBA

Step 7

Customer inputs OTP


Step 8


Kiki validates OTP

Is OTP wrong? Kiki truncates process.

Is OTP correct, step below refers.

If details are correct, Kiki consummates transaction.


What are the benefits of buying airtime on the Sterling Whatsapp?


How do I transfer funds on Sterling WhatsApp?




Step 1

Customer initiates a conversation with Kiki on WhatsApp


Step 2


Kiki responds with a list of services

Step 3

Customer inputs “Send” to initiate a transfer.


Step 4


Kiki responds with a syntax for performing a transfer

Step 5

Customer inputs “Send” + “Amount” + “Account number” as per syntax.


Step 6


Kiki sends a list of customer’s accounts with their balances for customer to select the account to transact from.

Step 7

Customer selects account to transact from


Step 8


Kiki sends OTP to customer’s mobile number on CBA.

Step 9

Customer inputs OTP


Step 10


Kiki validates OTP

Is OTP wrong? Kiki truncates process.

Is OTP correct; step below refers.

Step 11


Kiki provides transaction details for customer to confirm.

Step 12


If details are not correct, Kiki prompts customer to reinitiate transaction.

Step 13


If details are correct, Kiki consummates transaction.

Are there benefits/features of transferring funds with WhatsApp Banking






Step 1

Customer types “Reset”.


Step 2


Kiki requests for customer’s account number.

Step 3

Customer provides account number


Step 4


Kiki validates account number with number on CBA and on WhatsApp

If account number does not match phone number on CBA and on WhatsApp, Kiki responds “wrong account number, kindly recheck”.

If account number matches, Kiki sends an OTP to customer’s number on CBA

Step 5

Customer validates Card details and inputs OTP.


Step 6


Kiki sends link for customer to create and confirm PIN.

Step 7

Customer creates and confirm PIN


Step 8


Kiki sends a success message



How do I do  Generate Account statement  using WhatsApp Banking




Step 1

Customer initiates a conversation with Kiki


Step 2


Kiki responds with a list of services

Step 3

Customer types “Statement” to view account statement of last 5 transactions”.


Step 4

Customer inputs PIN and Kiki validates


Step 5


Kiki populates the last 5 transactions of all the customer’s accounts


How do I do check my BVN  using WhatsApp Banking





Step 1

Customer types “BVN” to initiate a BVN enquiry.


Step 2


Kiki responds with the BVN tied to customer’s account


How can I register on Onepay?

You can register using your valid debit Card on your PC, iPhone or Android device. You can also register with a One-time password, using your Android device.

What can I do with Onepay?

You can make payments to beneficiaries with Sterling or other Banks within Nigeria or abroad, purchase airtime, pay your bills, manage your Card, report disputes and a host of other banking actions. Launch the app, proceed to Menu to view all the possibilities.

I don’t have a valid Card and I want to increase my N30,000 OTP limit

– Tap the limit increase prompt at the top of your screen to increase your daily limit with your valid debit card or visit nearest Branch.

What do I do if my transaction fails?

It will automatically reverse immediately. If it is not reversed immediately, give 24 hours for reversal. In the rare case where it is not reversed within 24 hours, report the issue through the Dispute Management function on Onepay.

How do I reset my login password?

Launch the app, on the login page, tap “Forgot Password” and follow the prompts. You will need details of your valid debit Card to complete this process.

What do I do if I forget my username?

Launch the app, on the login page, tap “Forgot Username” and follow the prompts. After security authentications, your username will be sent to your registered email address.

I did not receive the username in my mailbox

– Check your spam/junk mail. Alternatively, confirm that you are checking the same email and phone number that is registered with us in Sterling.

How do I log in with my fingerprint?

If you have a fingerprint or face ID enabled phone, ensure to set it up through your phone settings. Once done, login to your Onepay, proceed to Menu and scroll down to Settings. Enable your biometrics right there.

I cannot see all my accounts on my Onepay app

Ensure that the account that you are trying to view on your Onepay is an individual account and it also has your BVN. Onepay automatically displays all your individual Sterling accounts that are linked to your BVN.

How do I block my Card on Onepay?

Launch the app, proceed to Menu and scroll down to Card Management and select the Card that you want to take an action on. You can block your Card, set Card transaction limit, enable/disable for different countries or enable/disable for different channels e.g. POS, Web or ATM.

Can I use Sterling Onepay on another device?

– Yes, and you will need to provide your valid debit Card details, in order to be authenticated.


How do I know my balance?

A: You can view your balance on the platform using your log-in details.

Can I purchase multiple plans?

A: Yes, you can purchase multiple plans for yourself or other beneficiaries.

Can I pre-terminate my Investment?

A: Yes. However, if terminated before the end of the tenor, you will get your full contributions but forfeit 50% of the accrued earnings.

Can I opt for a lump sum payout instead of monthly payout?

Is the beneficiary transferable?

Can I just transfer any loose cash into my Doubble?

What is the minimum monthly contribution amount?

What is the minimum amount to invest in Doubble Lump Sum?

A: The minimum lump sum amount is N100, 000. 

How Does Doubble Lump Sum work?

You put in N100, 000. You leave it in Doubble for 5 years. After 5 years, it becomes N200, 000.

Doubble will divide the N200, 000 over 5 years (ie 60 months).

Doubble will pay you the amount for the next 5 years.

What is the maximum amount to contribute on Doubble?

A: There is no maximum amount to invest in Doubble.

When will my account be debited and my Doubble Account funded?

On the day the first contribution was made, for every month.  

If your first contribution was made August 30th, your account will be debited on the 30th of every month.

When will I get my monthly Doubble Rewards payout from the Bank?

Payouts are credited on the same date the first contribution was made each month. However, payouts begin after the contribution tenor has been completed.
If your Doubble account was funded on the 30th day of every month, your Doubble Rewards payouts will also be on the 30th of every month after your contribution tenor has finished.

How do I fund my account?

A: Funding your Doubble account is automated.

If you are a Sterling Bank customer, you simply state the account to be debited. 

If you are not a Sterling Bank customer, you will have to transfer funds into your newly created Sterling Bank account opened for you. This account will then be debited automatically on the expected date of contribution.

How long is the savings period before I start getting my Doubble Rewards   payout?

A: This depends on the Doubble Investment plan selected.

Doubble 3 = 3 years contribution, 3 yrs. payout

Doubble 5 = 5 years contribution, 5 yrs. payout

Doubble 10 = 5 years contribution, 10 yrs. payout

How can I know my expected earnings before investing?

Go to

It will show you:

Is Doubble only for customers of Sterling Bank?

A: No, Doubble is open to everyone. While applying, an account will be opened for you and your account details sent to your email immediately to enable you invest. It is the Sterling Bank account that will be debited for the periodic Doubble contribution.

Can I choose a future start date when I apply now?

You can apply now and choose a convenient start date in the future. i.e. a date in the future to be debited for your first Doubble contribution.

What is the return on a Doubble Rewards investment after the period has ended?

A: For Doubble 3 (3 years contribution, 3 years payout) the return on the investment is 25% of the total invested amount.

For Doubble 5 (5 years contribution, 5 years payout), the customer will get 50% of the total invested amount

For Doubble 10 (5 years contribution, 10 years payout) the customer will get the same amount invested but over 10 years, instead of 5 years.


Who is eligible for Specta?

What is the minimum/maximum age for Specta eligibility?

Can I access a Specta loan with my existing Savings Account?

How can I fund my newly created Sterling Bank account?

Will I be notified before my payment due date

When will my loan be disbursed?

How do I access Specta?

What is the maximum loan amount I can access?

Do I have to open an account with Sterling Bank?

What do I need to access a loan if I am not an existing Sterling Customer?

What is the required length of account relationship?

What is the Maximum Loan Tenure for Specta?

Can a Business access a Specta Loan?

Yes. Click on Get Started>Get a Cash Secured Loan (under Specta4Business).

This means the business will invest cash and take a loan worth 80% of the cash invested.

Does Specta give out credit cards?

How long will it take for me to register an account and apply?

In what currency should I make my re-payment?

You can only make re-payment in Naira.

I didn’t get an Email verification mail

Forgot Password?

How can I contact Specta?

Do I get a copy of the terms & conditions for reference purposes?

Do I need to physically sign to agree with the Terms & Conditions for the Loan?


How can my company become profiled on Specta?

  1. If you are the HR Manager or a member of top level management in your company, please send an email to

    If you are a staff in a company you want enrolled on Specta, please send an email to with the details of your company and we will work on it.

What is the maximum I can apply for?

  1. The maximum amount one can request for is N5, 000,000. However, the disbursement amount is dependent on the salary threshold.

Can I access loans if I don’t have a salary account?

  1. Yes you now can, via SpectaXtreme. However, you will be unable to access up to N5 million naira. The maximum for SpectaXtreme is N2million.

I am a customer of another bank, can I get a Specta Loan?

  1. Yes you can.

I have a Specta loan running. But I want to apply for another one, using a different account statement. Can I go ahead?

  1. Yes you can. Specta will use the same criteria to determine your eligibility.

N.B: Success is not guaranteed.

I have a non-Sterling account and I need to verify my card in order to link it to my Specta account. The card verification OTP has been sent but I have not received it. Who do I contact?

  1. Contact your bank (the bank tied to your card).


How do I create an account to begin shopping on Alt Mall?

To create an account on Alt Mall, click on Register from the Homepage.

What can I do once I sign into my account?

Once you have created an Alt Mall Account, you can begin to control your shopping experience by visiting the following sections:

My Profile: Update your name, contact details (phone/address), and subscribe to the Alt Mall newsletter.

My Orders: View past and existing orders, take actions like tracking an order, messaging the seller, and more.

Liked Items: View items you’ve saved to view later.

Payment Options: Update your IMAL information.

Address Book: Update your delivery address.

Why do I see different prices for the same product?

AltMall supports Nigerian businesses and these vendors sell the same items; all competing for your purchase. Therefore, you may see the same product offered by different sellers at different prices. We believe this offers you a wider product selection and better pricing.

Who will deliver my order?

Our partner courier companies are Fedex and Redstar. Your order may be delivered by any of these companies or the seller or the seller’s agents. You may be called prior to delivery to confirm your availability to receive your order.

How do I cancel an order?

You can request to cancel your order by visiting the “My Order section” under My Account.  Please note that you cannot cancel an order after it has been shipped.

Return an order

If you wish to return an order, please send details of the order as well as reasons you wish to return the order to Our agents will reach out and provide a resolution within 72 hours. Please note that only orders that have defect would be successfully returned

Payment Options

How do I pay for my order?

At checkout, you can select:

Eligibility to Pay Later on Alt Mall

While you can shop and pay now with either Bank or Card, Alt Mall seeks to provide financing for salaried individuals, to the tune of N2million. However, to be eligible for this, you must provide the following to;

·        Your First Name

·        Your Last Name

·        Your Mobile number

·        Company Name

·        Monthly income

·        Current Sterling Salary Account Number or Sterling Alternative Finance Account Number.

·        Pay day date.

If, however you do not possess a salary account with Sterling Bank or have an account with Sterling Alternative Finance (SAF) and wish to be enrolled to shop on the mall. Please call 09053893100 and one of our agents will put you through. We assure you that our agents will get back to you within 24 hours.


What is Imperium?

Imperium is a digital ecosystem that brings together the consumer, energy solution provider, technical support services and the Bank with a view to bridge the gap between demand and supply of renewable energy solution.

Who is Imperium for?

The platform is for everyone especially:

Are there more benefits from having solar panels?

Yes. Solar solutions globally are proven to be more cost efficient that traditional forms of power generation (grid and carbon powered generators) in the medium and long term. Also, the less dependent we are on petrol and diesel-powered generators the better our environment will be. Solar solutions contribute greatly to the environment by reducing drastically or eliminating carbon emissions otherwise produced by other sources of energy

How do customers access the solution on Imperium?

Customers can access the solution through the following:


What if I don’t know how much energy I use?

You can request for a quote that details the cost, capacity, and appliances you can use on each system. Kindly contact us on phone or via email.

I have plans for expansion. Can I plan for now?

We frequently consider future growth plans when designing your system. The choice of inverter can be influenced by near-term expectations about power usage and in some cases, it may be best to include excess capacity now and simply add more modules later. We are available to discuss your plans for energy usage and explore a variety of options to meet your needs now and in the future.

Will my roof be able to bear the load of the Solar PV systems?

A thorough structural analysis is done by our team to determine if your roof’s load bearing capacity is sufficient to take the load of the solar PV modules. Concrete roofs have no problems at all in handling the distributed load nature of solar PV modules, however T-slabs, asbestos & truss-based roofs have to be analysed first before they are used for installation.

Are there any running costs associated with renewable solution?

None. Once your system is installed, electricity production is completely free. There are no ongoing running costs.

How long do the batteries last for?

Battery life may vary according to the solution provided and subject to usage. Information on each battery life is provided in the product details.

How long does the inverter last for?

Inverter life may vary according to the solution provided and subject usage. Information on each inverter life is provided in the product details.

What is the difference between my electricity usage and my electricity load?

Electricity usage is the number of units of electricity that you use each day and is measured in kilowatt-hours (Kwh). Electricity load is the amount of energy that is required to run all the electrical appliances you use simultaneously.

What happens when you default on your loan?

You will be contacted and reminded of past due obligation on the first event of a default. Any subsequent default would result in a recovery of the solution.

Is there any cost apart of the solution cost?

Yes, the cost of installation will be paid upfront by the user.

When is the payment due date?

The payment date is the last day of every month.

What happens if my solution is faulty?

Customers are eligible to after sales services. While aftersales services are free for some solutions, some others may warrant that customers pay a fee

Can I secure financing to upgrade my renewable solution?

Yes please, we have different part that would meet your needs from solar panels, inverters, batteries etc

Can I get other renewable energy appliances?

Yes please, we have different appliance like portable power bank, solar water pumps, solar air-conditioners etc

What if I have any complaint?

If you have any complaint, kindly contact us via:

Email or call any of these numbers 0816413393708135473439.


What is a Farepay card?

Farepay card by Sterling is a transportation and utility card solution. You tap in and tap out on BRT buses to use this card. It is an alternative to buying Fare tickets at bus stations

How do I get a Farepay card?

Farepay cards are available with our agents at any of the BRT Bus Stations at a cost of N1,000 which is used as opening balance in customers wallet.

How can I Fund my Farepay Card?

You can fund your account through the following ways;

Option 1: Download the GoMoney application from your app store; Make a transfer from any bank to your e-wallet account number by selecting Gomoney as the beneficiary Bank

**Your account number is the last 10 digits of your phone number. USSD option coming soon.

Option 2: You can speak to any Farepay Agents at the BRT Bus Stations to fund your account.

How does the Farepay Card Work?

The Farepay card is a Debit/ ATM card. You Tap-In when you board BRT Buses and Tap-Out when you get to your bus stop. Good news! You can also use your card as a utility card – withdraw cash at the ATMs, Pay for goods on the Web (local and International) and on a POS.

Why do I need to Tap-In and Tap-Out?

Tap-In to get access to the bus and tap-out to ensure that you pay the correct fare and that the maximum fare is not deducted, fares are calculated based on distance covered. Maximum Fare is deducted if passenger fails to tap-out.

What must I do before I Tap-In?

You must ensure that your card account is funded, you can do a transfer to the account from any bank or visit the nearest agent location to top-up your FarePay card account.

Can I use my FarePay card for other type of transactions?

Yes, you can use your FarePay card for ATM, POS or web transactions.

What do I do if I discovered my account has not been credited after paying to the Farepay agent?

Customer provides details of his/her account and time of transaction. Contact centre looks up the customers account to confirm. If true contact centre reports/escalates to Sterling Bank Contact Centre, Sterling Bank will provide feedback to the customer.

How do I Tap-In with my FarePay card?

Ensure your card account is funded, get to the bus, place the card within inches of the validator, a green light showing a correct tick sign allows access while a red X(wrong) will not allow access

My FarePay card did not allow access into the bus.

Customer supplies his account number for checks to confirm if account is funded. Contact center checks if card is not blacklisted. If Blacklisted contact center informs customer of remedial action to pursue.

What are the possible causes for a FarePay card to be blacklisted?

A FarePay card can be blacklisted due to the reasons below
1. There are unpaid fares on the card.
2. Card is reported stolen or lost.

What remedial action would customer take if FarePay card has been blacklisted for unpaid fares?

Customer funds the account while the system debt recovery mode recovers the funds after which the Card will be removed from the Blacklist within 24 hours of funding the account.

Do I pay to fund my FarePay account at agent locations?

No. The service for Top-up of FarePay Card accounts known as Cash-In is free at all FarePay Agent locations.

What is the card security deposit?

Card Security deposit amount is N300, which cannot be used for transactions. Customers must ensure that their accounts are funded before getting on the bus for a ride.

How do I get a card replacement?

Visit the agent location for a card replacement which will come at a cost.

My account has not been debited.

Your account is not debited immediately but will be debited within 24 hours so always ensure that your account is funded for your journey. If your account is not funded at the time a debit is to be passed your card will be blacklisted and you will not be able to use the card until you fund your account and the debit entry is passed.

 How can I get more Information on the Farepay Card?

You can call our Customer Service on 017004271 or send an email to You can also speak to our agents at the BRT bus stations

Available location to pick up cards.

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Ikorodu Garage

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Irawo , TBS (evening)


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