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We will not relent in doing all we can to make sure that banking through the coronavirus (COVID-19) does not add to the stress that already exists because of the pandemic. If you need any support and assistance to get ahead with your finances, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our 24/7 multi-lingual customer care center can be reached by calling: 0700 822 0000, 0700 783 5464 or 01 448 4481-5.

We are aware that if we helped out with your finances without any consideration for what matters most – your health – we have only done one-tenth of providing the support you need at this critical time. That is not our style. So we have come up with Tremendoc, our ‘phone-a-doctor’ app that helps you consult a physician without leaving the four walls of your house. We want you to imbibe social distancing and still get the best medical attention possible.

Visit the Tremendoc site for more information on how to navigate through any health challenge you might experience this period.

We will continue to deploy all necessary tools to ensure that you are safe as we work tirelessly to make sure that all the services you need to survive are in excellent working condition. Visit this page often as we keep you posted on updates so that you’ll stay safer than the last visit.

Our teams are on standby

Contact us if you need additional assistance. We still provide financial support to clients and businesses through our online lending platform, Specta.

Stock your house, buy that online educational course and settle a few things from the comfort of your couch. In just 5 minutes, specta will come through. Our teammates will also work with you to recommend existing solutions suited to your other immediate needs.

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Go Digital

We miss seeing your faces at our branches but now that social distancing is a thing, we cannot help but discourage frequent visits in order to curb the spread of the COVID-19.

In response to these trying situation and in your best interest, enjoy self-service options on mobile, online or USSD banking to conveniently manage your portfolio while you check your account balance, pay your bills, make transfers and deposit checks at any time and place.

In the meantime, imbibe safety measures by playing the COVID invasion game with family and friends. Send us a screenshot on our social media handles using #Cov19 #SterlingGame as there are prizes for scores above 50!


All the help you need is on your phone. Download any of our mobile apps and click your way to getting things done. 

Download OneBank (for iOS), OneBank (for Android)

Online Banking

Stay secure and in control with Online Banking. Manage your accounts, pay bills and track your budget from home.


Businesses aren’t left out too because we understand that your staff are equally working form home.

SterlingPro helps you stay ahead of your transactions without the assistance of your account manager.

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You might discover that your area does not have as much power as you thought. Not to worry; remote working should not be stressful. Our power solution, imperium is readily available.

You could also consider getting a generator set from Altmall to ease your working condition.

Don’t forget; it’s PAY SMALL SMALL.


We get that you might be concerned that most of our offerings thrive on the internet. Our USSD provides all the banking services you need without the need for data. With the options available, just about anything is possible.

We are currently updating it to include other features in line with current realities nationwide. *822# is just a click away!

To recharge your phone dial *822*AMOUNT#To transfer funds, dial *822*Amount*AccountNumber#. To pay a bill, dial *822*BillerCode*UniqueCode*Amount# or *simply *822*2# to see different billers. To check your Account Balance: *822*6#. 

Click here for more payments codes.


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Ask us anything!

For questions or advice about our services, we’re here for you. Our customer care lines  are still open to attend to you at anytime. Please call us on any of the following numbers: 0700 822 0000, 0700 783 5464 or 01 448 4481-5

Don’t forget to sign up on Tremendoc to speak to a doctor.

For updates on COVID-19, visit the Nigeria Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (NCDC) or World Health Organization (WHO)

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