Before you get started get to know the available weapons and find out which would help out in your battle against the deadly Corona army


An Impotent weapon that does little to kill the Coronas but isn't a bad idea if you want to lose some weight


Hey! It’s a virus and you can’t chop off its head

Keep your distance

1 metre away from the sneezer, cougher or anyone sick is a safe distance (great weapon)

Wash your hands

This is your safest bet until we hear the good news of a cure (powerful)

Avoid shaking hands

Handshaking is history: waving at your friends is the new-in (potent)


This might be a defence against armed robbers but in this case, you don’t need it. So ‘drop your weapon’

Hand sanitizer

It’s the alcohol content that matters, not how fancy the bottle looks. Ensure that it is above 60% (effective)


Corona is not cockroach. Your shoe can’t sort this out.


Sheath your sword; this is not the Game of Thrones!


You’re not a child anymore. Even the purest water can’t take down this bad guy unless you have soap

Get to know all available weapons before starting the game

Tap on the corona virus and select a potent weapon at the bottom of the screen to kill the virus before it gets close

Happy Easter!

He died so that you may live, enjoy the extra lives. Can you get to 60?