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The OneBank Virtual Card is a Naira denominated card, similar to a regular debit card but it lives in your OneBank app instead of your wallet.

This is another exciting reason to get on OneBank, a 100% digital banking app brought to you by Sterling. You can open an account, send and receive money, invest and borrow, all on OneBank.


OneBank Virtual Cards are encrypted and secured by two-factor authentication. They offer a more convenient way to make contactless payments online and in-store.

Features and Benefits


Create and Activate Your Card Instantly

You can create a Virtual Card within seconds, this way you don’t have to wait for us to deliver a card to you!


You Don’t Have To Carry It Around

We understand your need for convenience, so you don’t have to carry your card around. This also means you won’t misplace it! You’re welcome.


Make International Payments Seamlessly

Stay connected to all your streaming services! The OneBank Virtual Card helps you to make international payments in Naira.


Enjoy More Security

The OneBank Virtual Card is encrypted with the latest technology and secured with two- factor authentication, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.


It’s Free

Experience freedom by creating a Virtual card on OneBank at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are the same thing but a Virtual Card is stored on your mobile device and can be used for contactless payments in stores or online. It has its own unique card number, expiry date, and CVV.
Virtual cards on OneBank are absolutely free! You can get one instantly at no cost to you
OneBank Virtual cards are EMV compliant and secured with the latest chip and pin technology, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You can activate your Virtual card in three steps:

  • Under Cards go to card activation
  • Select account to create card for
  • Click on Activate

There is no extra charge when you pay with a OneBank Virtual Card

Yes, current monthly limit is $100. If this changes we will inform all card holders

Getting a Virtual card on OneBank is so easy, all you have to do is:

  • Log in to OneBank
  • Select Cards
  • Select My Cards
  • Select the account you want to create a Virtual Card for
  • Click the plus icon
  • Input your transaction pin and Voila!
OneBank Virtual Cards work like regular cards, simply enter the 16 digit number, expiry date and CVV to make payments.

Yes you can make international payments with your OneBank Virtual Card

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