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Mid-Year Edition 2024 (NEW)

Happy new month and happy H2. Not much to say but keep on keeping on.

We dey your side. 

Lady Khaf

April’s Edition 2024 

April marks a fresh start as we enter the second quarter, with the year so far being quiet. Facing economic challenges, this edition focuses on fostering happiness amidst our national circumstances. 

With rising fuel prices, it encourages adopting healthier lifestyles and understanding the true value of money through our feature, ‘how much is money?’. 

Embracing resilience, as captured by @duchesskkk’s witty remark, ‘nyash no get teeth but e dey cut shit’, we remain optimistic. Wishing love, light, and strength to all.

Lady Khaf

New Year’s Edition 2024 

Happy new year o, the traffic wey we see for 2023 no be from here. Anyway, new year, new we, abi?

See ehn, the only prediction I have for 2024 is don’t let anything surprise you, if you get lemon, make all sorts with it abeg (within the law, don’t let NAFDAC catch you o, Ehen). MFJPM.

Love and light in this new year!

Lady Khaf

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