I Still Haven’t Answered The Genie!

Genie, You're Free: Check out Will Smith's 'Aladdin' look ...

‘Before I became this person, I’m sure the Sterling genie had asked me countless times why I chose to camp with banks that didn’t seem to care about me but my money’.

She had been ill for the longest time and all my savings and investments were geared towards sending her abroad for surgery because last year, we visited one of the ‘mega hospitals’ in Lagos but it felt like sending her to her own death.

I remember clearly when the pharmacy attendant close to the house said that because of COVID, the price of her drugs had doubled and she could no longer allow me pay in instalments. But how she turned me down and saved my mum in one breath is something I can’t explain.

Train | Gary Job Corps Center

Nurse, as we called her, told me how her corper friend introduced her me to the Specta allowee scheme while she was serving. She took the loan so she could pay her mother’s shop rent and get her a sewing machine. I applied for my Specta loan and my mum’s surgery was successful.

Uncle Dare was able to send us N45,000 after three months of waiting and a few weeks before Mama left for treatment. At least, he sent something. As an only child of a single mum and a history of people who don’t care, Sterling became family. Heck; I know it’s a loan I received but they also put measures to help me pay back.

I have two months left to clear the debt but I feel free already. It did not feel like a loan because the restructuring was considerate and the moratorium during the pandemic was the most gracious thing ever. Contrary to what many Nigerians might think, some banks do care. Sterling proved that, not just to me but also to the numerous doctors they paid to fight COVID as well.

My name is Tosin and Sterling saved my mother’s life.

This might read like fiction, but it sure sounds like the testimonials we receive from our customers.

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