EdPay is one of several product solutions by EDUBANC designed to meet the pain points of our customers. It is a tuition fee financing product designed to meet the needs of 3 major stakeholders in the education sector;

As a Parent – Access to financing to enable timely payment of tuition fees

As a School – Revenue assurance and improved cash flows as parents are enabled to meet obligations

As a Student – Undistorted learning cycle

So far, EdPay has ensured that:

  • Over 1000 children are still in school with an undistorted learning cycle
  • Over 600 Parents/Guardians currently enjoying the flexibility of monthly tuition payments at the lowest pricing
  • Over 450 schools enjoying the benefit of revenue assurance

With EdPay, Parents/Guardians enjoy:

  • Affordable Interest Rate
  • Fast & Easy loan processing
  • Convenient Monthly repayment • Optional payment plans (single term – full session)

Pricing Information;

• Interest Rate - 1.8% /month
• Loan Amount - ₦50,000 – N5,000,000

Who is eligible to apply?

Parents/Guardians who are salary earners or business owners require access to finance for tuition fee payment.

Apply here

For further enquiries, please send an email to edubanc@sterling.ng