She is the MD!


As a network, we believe that diversity is important, that both men and women should be represented in every room because their respective unique values and perspectives are important in decision making. We also believe that every #SterlingHuman deserves an opportunity to stand out and call the shots. The Sterling Women Development Program is an […]

5 Unique Benefits of Being a Woman at Sterling

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– Emmanuela Tijani   We all know about or at least have heard about a particular company where you could swear that their policies and processes were not created with women in mind. The kind that turns a blind eye on the real need of women and just want “results” at the expense of wellbeing. […]

She is smart: why not?


When writing about women having a hard time in our societies, we often do not refer to the women who have been incarcerated or wrongfully so. But they are also very crucial demography of women. In communities today, it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of significant policies that cushion women (No! it’s always […]

Dilemma: Should My Husband and I share a Bank Account?

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“Dear Kiki, My husband and I have been married for 8 months now and just as we are about to hit our 1st-anniversary mark, my husband decided that he would like us to share a bank account. Now the issue is that I am not only the breadwinner of the household, but before we got […]

I Don’t Like to Pay in Full!

I Don't Like To Pay In Full

Man Proposes, Sapa Disposes “In the beginning, there was sapa.” ~Adamu Photo Credit: The Sherriff’s Office For as long as humankind has existed, there has been some form of trade and exchange. The hunter exchanged bushmeat with the farmer who had yam. An abundance of both meant that through a gentleman’s agreement, everybody was okay. […]

State of the Union

Serious X

–Prof “This is Nigeria, anything your eye see, take am like that.” ~Random Twitter User House of Sapa Amaka Igwe was one of the greatest filmmakers in Nigerian history. It is even more outstanding that she shattered the glass ceiling for women when the industry was male-dominated. One of her most exceptional works features a […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel

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One Woman is focused on identifying and creating solutions that cater for the financial, social, business and personal needs of the Nigerian woman. Our solutions comprises of an array of value-added offerings that enable women achieve a more fulfilling life. One Woman Card Benefits Visit any Sterling Bank branch nationwide to get the One Woman […]

State of the Union

Prof “This is Nigeria, anything your eye see, take am like that.” ~Random Twitter User House of Sapa Amaka Igwe was one of the greatest filmmakers in Nigerian history. It is even more outstanding that she shattered the glass ceiling for women when the industry was male-dominated. One of her most exceptional works features a […]

The Day The Clouds Fell!

When the clouds fell

Are you hearing what I’m hearing? The Delta variant of CoVID-19 has hit Nigeria and that means is that there might be another lock down. Please note that this is a personal opinion and not the view expressed by Sterling, as I am not its official spokesperson. We haven’t recovered from the effects of the […]

Experience Nigeria Through Festivals: Who We Are As A People

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Legend has it that Nigerians are the happiest people in the world and that’s because nobody does partying like we do! Hosting out-of-this-world celebrations are such a huge part of who we are as a people, and so festivals are one way to showcase our rich history, cultural heritage as well as the unique traditions […]

It’s Raining June!

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Café One (Sip n paint) Leading a sustainable and comfortable life with a healthy personal/work balance is definitely a major focus at Café One, our banking and co-working space, where innovation meets community and really good coffee.   This month, we served a bit more than coffee at our inaugural intimate sip and paint session […]

…Or What Do You Think?

Data and business

‘Stop! If you’ve been trying to move to Canada and you still have not moved over yet, you’ve been doing it the absolute wrong way’. Sound familiar? Abeg, no stone me o! Now, that’s a quick example of how data affects modern advertising. You may ask, ‘but I did not actively ask for Japa assistance […]

When Will You Be Rich?

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Is social media the way to go? Your guess is as good as mine. Not only did we mourn Twitter’s ban, but lots of Nigerians also switched to VPN make dem advertising dollars for no loss. Anyways, I’m not here to debate the dynamics of the restriction but to inform you that based on recent […]

May To Remember!

AGM 2020 Content

A workplace should be a safe space for growing your passion, exploring your talent and achieving your purpose. There’s a popular saying “you can’t give what you don’t have” and we uphold this, by ensuring that our staff are empowered and satisfied, whilst grooming their talent-flourishing careers. Here at Sterling, our ultimate goal is to […]

Sterling Bank; We Hail Thee!

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Shareholders of Sterling Bank Plc have commended the board and management of the bank for the display of resilience, improved financial performance and returns on investment in 2020 despite the adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global and local economic environment. They also approved resolutions for the declaration of a dividend of five […]

30 Days at Sterling


 “At Sterling, we have adopted recycling processes and our employees have bought into the cause to protect the environment” Abubakar Suleiman MD, Sterling Bank. 2021 is in full swing for us here at Sterling, and that means constantly creating sustainable solutions for you while simultaneously working on keeping Mother Earth safe 😉 and as proof […]

Your Business Just Got Reclassified!

Business reclassification in Nigeria

Just when you thought you had transitioned from a small business to a medium scale enterprise, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) popped the question; where do you think you’re going? Jokes aside though; the Director General and Chief Executive of SMEDAN, Dr. Dikko Umaru Radda, recently declared here that Micro […]

Jack & Jill Went Up The Hill!

A man on the hill side

Dear Jill, Are you back? Yes; down from the hill of advocating for Nigeria because of Jack Dorsey’s tweet a few days ago. Let me not lie; I really didn’t know we loved Naija this much until Baba made that ‘proclamation’ and everywhere scatter. Considering the number of ‘Japa’ applications being processed by the month, […]

I Just Said, ‘Lemme Ask You’


Is the lockdown over yet or should we wait for another? The truth is that despite the pandemic which was the major reason for the lockdown, I can bet you that some people are really for the time when we did not need to go to work. A lot of emphasis was placed on the […]

From ‘the Abroad’ with Love!


by Kyrian Offor Click here for some bit of background. Done? Now continue below. First, his responses were humor-filled. Soon they were laughing. While the chats went on and on, she deduced something about him. He was simply intelligent. Smart. With a unique standpoint of life. A young, handsome young man with an extraordinary prospect. […]