It’s Not That Difficult!


Before we get into it, it’s important to make this Public Service Announcement: Girls are not upset… Girls are not angry… Girls just wanna have Fundamental Human Rights A round of applause, please for all the women and everyone ‘fighting’ to ensure every female is treated fairly and equally, without any form of gender bias. […]

Don’t You Want to Get Married?


by Kyrian Offor She returned from work. Exhausted. And so she sat on her kitchen table, ate the dinner she bought on her way back. Rested for a minute before she headed to her bedroom to have a shower. Fifteen minutes later, she was lying on the bed. In her nightie. Head placed on the […]

Even On Mothers’ Day Too?


I cannot lie; the power situation in this Nigeria cannot just let you be great. A whole Mother’s day and to call my Mama na wahala. One whole week and no light and you’ll at least believe that with the increased price per barrel of oil in the international market, pump price will be cheaper […]

To She Who Rarely Comes To Mind!

IWD2021 2

Happy International Women’s day to all women around the world.  Today we celebrate strength, innovation, passion and strides that have heavily impacted the world and given the next generation something to aspire to. We join the world to laud the efforts of female professionals who have risen above the tides, walked in territories they were told […]

New Month; ‘March’ On!


It’s a new month; welcome! Here are some of the things you may have missed from last month. First, can we have a round of applause for February for being such a perfect month? 👏If February were a person, they would be one of those people who are never caught unfresh; prime, proper and smell […]

The Journey to Number 1


If you think that Game of Thrones was mere fiction, please think again. You know how sometime last month, Elon Musk, who held the title of World’s Richest Man for a week or thereabouts, was dethroned by Jeff Bezos. It felt like something that happened in the comic series, Flash when right before our very […]

The Featherington Effect!

Sterling Valentine post

Akuko!’, I muttered to myself, as he went on about some global incident. That is what the Igbos say when a discussion is beginning to enter voicemail. If you know me, you can sense when I’m not interested in something and it gets worse because when I begin to lose my patience, I make it […]

Frequently Asked Questions on The Foreign Exchange Bid Process

Sterling FX

Q. What  CBN FX intervention windows are available to importers? A. The CBN Retail Secondary Market Intervention Sales (this takes place fortnightly) and the CBN Special Sales to Local Corporates (At CBN’s discretion) Q. What are the currencies supplied by the CBN in the Retail Secondary Market intervention Sales? A. At the moment there are […]

The Fastest So Far In The History Of ‘Januarys’

Running towards Sterling products

I was going to ask, ‘is the plural of January going to carry the conventional ending of ‘ies’ or should we just leave it with an ‘s’ instead? You know you can help me in the comment section; no one is the custodian of all knowledge. Anyways, people have been saying this January is the […]

COVID Tested Positive For Ice-Cream!

Ice-cream positive for COVID-19

I’m not happy, at all. Something just happened this morning and me, I must talk. I don’t know who sent me message but that was how I left my house to the supermarket yesterday evening. I left the closest one to my house and went all the way to the one very far from the […]

Frequently Asked Questions on Foreign Currency Domiciliary Transfers

FAQs 1

While we’re on the subject of foreign currency withdrawals in line with the CBN mandate, it won’t hurt to answer a few questions that might be burning in your hearts as per this issue. Here goes: Q1: Can a customer transfer funds from his domiciliary account with Sterling Bank to his domiciliary account with another […]

Any Side You Dey, We Gat You!


How Oliver De Coque came back from the dead is beyond me. I remember my Daddy always singing and dancing to ‘Funny funny identity’ as a young child, only to wake up a few mornings ago to hear the Marvin Boss launch the ‘Stingy Men Association of Nigeria’ (SMAN), singing the infamous De Coque anthem. […]

Fighting COVID In A Recession


Definitely not a walk in the park. Just a few months ago, we slid into a recession after an 8-month lockdown, characterized by job losses and skeletal business activities. Last week, we talked about how the year ‘Chwenchi Chwenchi‘ went and how all of a sudden, ‘money no dey Lagos‘ and just yesterday, we were […]

Money No Dey Lagos!

Serious Post 7

First, the Lagos Anthem (In English 😅) Every night, Bentley,Every night, Rolls RoyceOn the toll gate road, we are going to chop lifeMy friend is driving an Aston Martin, I’m driving a BugattiEvery Friday night, we are going to chop lifeYet, they will say… —————————–Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael, World President. Eko WenjeleLet’s get it straight, there […]

‘Chwenchi Chwenchi’


Long and Short Year When the lion himself, Indaboski, called 2020 the year of lefasefare, nobody knew what he actually meant, but that has been the summary of 2020; confusing. It was a long and challenging year, a year of so many happenings yet so little happening. Everybody agrees that it was a long year but somehow […]

CBN Has Come Again!


Wahala for who go bank with old cheque book! Double wahala for who no come read the email wey we send dem on top this matter before dem comot go bank! That’s how you will just be waltzing into the banking hall to withdraw your millions before the crowd will greet you, ‘happy new year’. […]