The Other Bank

Their strength lies in their anonymity.
Take the power by revealing the faces behind The Heist.

Mr Inconsistent

He will make you think the fake website is real. To expose him, mouse over the top of the URL, you should see the actual hyperlinked address. If the hyperlinked address is different from the address that is displayed, the message is probably fraudulent or malicious. Also, if the email domain of the sender does not match URLs in the body of the email, it’s likely fraudulent.

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The intimidator

He uses fake threats to intimidate you. Threats like, click on this link now or else your account will be blocked. In order to expose him, call Sterling on 0700 822 0000 to confirm if we sent you this email. Remember, do not click on the fraudulent link.

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The Scammer

This lady plays on your greed (long throat). You did not win the Brazilian lottery; you are not the heir to some small island nation. So why are you responding to the scammer’s email promising you quick wealth? To expose her, simply delete the scam message very fast.

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The Trickster

Before you open that attachment, be sure you asked for it because that’s usually the starting point of computer take-overs, which turn into sporadic emails to your contact list and even worse outcomes. Don’t encourage him by opening or saving until you’re certain the file is a response to a request you made.

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The Initiator

Out of the blues, he’ll ask you to confirm receipt of something you know nothing about. You might want to check to be sure you’re entitled to an expectation of any kind. Call him to order immediately by discarding his email. Don’t even think twice

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The Impostor

He’ll contact you with a similar email as a Government Agency. Remember that emails from agencies are usually responses to enquiries, so did you initiate any conversation with this particular one? Expose this by reporting him through any contact details available on the agency’s website.

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The Salesman

It usually doesn’t start off with money demands but subsequently, they begin to introduce a few dollar requests here and there. Do not click any link to pay for anything, no matter how negligible the amount is. That’s just a bait; the real fish is on the other side. Rain on his parade by simply ignoring him; he’ll get the message.

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The Enchantress

When you notice plenty errors, run. There’s a high chance it’s fake. Yes; no one’s perfect but emails from reputable brands are thoroughly scrutinized. To expose her for who she really is, make sure to google the brand and if possible, call a rep but if the process is long, go ahead and delete

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The Friend

He'll try to get personal information like account numbers, PINs, passwords. Those are private information that even your best friend shouldn’t know. No matter how much he persists, do not bulge. End the friendship by deleting the email and moving on. Let him know he's been cancelled!

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Mr. Polite

He’ll address you with the usual ‘Dear sir/ma’. That’s alright but the moment there’s a demand for pretty specific information, run for your dear life. Don’t even rationalize; stop him right there by sending his letter straight to the bin

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You've unmasked the most notorious fraudulent characters and added this knowledge to your anti fraud defence arsenal! Stay safe.