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Financing Creativity in Nigeria's Entertainment Sector

Sterling’s Entertainment Business Finance provides financial support to Nigeria’s media and entertainment sector with a focus on music and films. It aims to foster growth, enable creativity, and contribute to a robust ecosystem.

Three Pillars of Impact:

Our commitment is realized through three pillars of impact. 

We empower individuals in the industry by supporting training programs and workshops.

We actively contribute to the diversification of the Nigerian economy by supporting the growth of the music and film sectors, expanding economic opportunities, and promoting sustainability.

Our team of seasoned financial experts provide comprehensive advisory services, offering insights and strategic financial planning that ensures the success and sustainability of projects within the media and entertainment space.

Direct Lending

We extend financial support to creatives in the entertainment industry through direct lending at favourable commercial rates. Utilizing Intellectual Property (IP) as security, we ensure accessible and tailored financing solutions.

Equity Investment

We invest in projects through equity financing, taking a stake over a specified period. This approach not only provides financial support but also aligns our interests with the success of the project.

Investor Matching

We connect entertainment industry stakeholders with investors, allowing investors to receive a stake in the Intellectual Property (IP) in return. This collaborative approach promotes shared success.

On-Lending Facilities

Leveraging funding sources such as international Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and government-backed agencies like CBN, BOI, LSETF, we aim to bolster sustainable growth within the entertainment sector.

We’re With You!

Your project is not just another file. Our tailored strategies ensure your success story aligns perfectly with the beat of the industry, contributing to the enduring vibrancy and triumph of Nigeria's media and entertainment sector.

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