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The Green Oasis

In the heart of Lagos, Sterling Towers stands tall as a 17-story marvel transformed by solar innovation. Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) technology turns it into a 955 kWp solar powerhouse, blending practicality with architectural beauty.

The panels will deliver 10500 mWh over 25 years, generate an average of 420,000Kwh of clean energy annually, reduce over 7,000MT of carbon emission, and cut down the use of 1 million litres of “dirty fuel” diesel.


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Beyond the Sun's Glow

Sterling Towers acts as a giant battery, storing 2.18 MWh of electricity, with over 3000 BIPV glass modules generating circa 1MW of clean energy.  This ensures illumination long after the sun sets, making it a beacon of energy resilience, even after dark.

Emission Fighters

Sterling Towers is a carbon-cutting superhero. Those sleek solar panels save 250+ metric tons of carbon yearly – like preventing 250 giant elephants from entering the atmosphere. A massive stride in reducing our carbon footprint, giving the planet a big high-five.

A Bigger Picture

The vision for Sterling Towers extends beyond the building, aiming to turn it into a green paradise with a garden makeover. Imagine vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and cozy spots for relaxation, that’s the real sight.

Inspiring A Revolution

We don’t just want to be pioneers at home. We aspire to be an inspiration globally, sparking a green revolution in buildings and transforming city skylines and mindsets worldwide.

Already, Sterling Towers stands as a pinnacle among Africa’s BIPV triumphs, echoing the success of the Eastgate Centre in Harare (20% powered), The One Africa Hotel in Nairobi (50% fueled), and the Revolutionary African Leadership University Village in Kigali (100% solar-powered).

A Solar Marvel

The Sterling Towers stands out as one of the successful BIPV projects in Africa like The Eastgate Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe—powering 20% of its needs; The One Africa Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya—fueling 50% of the hotel; and the cutting-edge African Leadership University Village in Kigali, Rwanda—100% solar-powered campus.

A Photographer's Challenge

Stay tuned for our upcoming photography challenge, where creatives share the building’s story through their lenses to win fantastic prizes.

This challenge is coming soon!

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