The Day The Clouds Fell!

When the clouds fell

Are you hearing what I’m hearing? The Delta variant of CoVID-19 has hit Nigeria and that means is that there might be another lock down. Please note that this is a personal opinion and not the view expressed by Sterling, as I am not its official spokesperson. We haven’t recovered from the effects of the […]

Jack & Jill Went Up The Hill!

A man on the hill side

Dear Jill, Are you back? Yes; down from the hill of advocating for Nigeria because of Jack Dorsey’s tweet a few days ago. Let me not lie; I really didn’t know we loved Naija this much until Baba made that ‘proclamation’ and everywhere scatter. Considering the number of ‘Japa’ applications being processed by the month, […]

Even On Mothers’ Day Too?

I cannot lie; the power situation in this Nigeria cannot just let you be great. A whole Mother’s day and to call my Mama na wahala. One whole week and no light and you’ll at least believe that with the increased price per barrel of oil in the international market, pump price will be cheaper […]