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Eat Drink Festival x

It’s 2024, but we’re still not over all the fun that was had at the 2023 Eat Drink Festival (EDF) and Made By Nigerians (MBN) event, powered by Sterling Bank. 

The 2-day event was held on December 27th and 28th at the Cricket Arena of the Tafewa Balewa Square. Even though perceived as a recreational event, this event was also a showcase of the exceptional Nigerian talent focusing on food and fashion.

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Six (6) memorable things

At the EDF 2023


First time happening in a new location which was at the Cricket Arena of Tafawa Balewa Square.


For the first time fashion was incorporated in the event through Made By Nigeria (MBN) powered by Sterling Bank.


Contactless and seamless payment was made possible by the GetMira™ App.

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Personal maps were provided to help with navigation.


Children were properly catered for with a recreational center available at the event.


The ‘Spin to Win’ game by Sterling with gifts like novels and other branded merchandise.

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Made by Nigerians for the world

The recently-concluded Eat Drink Festival saw the MBN Fair join forces with Sterling Bank and the Eat Drink Festival, to offer a fusion of trade, food, music, games, and more! Join other fun-seeking individuals to rave out and experience the best of Nigeria.

JollofMaster - Where Jollof Reigns Supreme!

When it comes to food, we own the throne! Jollof Masters is a sizzling showdown of how we’re heavily rooting for the delicious Jollof community in Nigeria (Please don’t let’s even get into the Ghana vs Nigeria debate…you know who the winner is…right?)

In 2019, @Diaryofakitchenlover conquered with Coconut Jollof Rice. Who will be the next crowned JollofMaster? Stay tuned, foodies!

Drink Wars - Mix, Mingle, and Sip Sip Hooray!

It’s where concoctions clash, where you craft your own liquid magic and give us a taste of your creativity, literally in a glass! Watch out for the Drink Wars at the Eat Drink Festival, it’s going be thirsty AF (and fresh! Not what you’re thinking please!!). And by the way, DRINK RESPONSIBLY abeg!!!

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