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Welcome to Bug-Free Celebrations!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but beware! The festive bugs are out to turn your cheer into a financial disaster. Let’s navigate the Detty December landscape together, armed with knowledge and a Bug Susceptibility Test to ensure your celebration is bug-free!

The Fashion Bug

Meet the Fashion Bug, adorned in festive hues, enticing you to embrace a brand-new wardrobe for Detty December. As you stroll through online shops, the bug whispers sweet temptations into your ears. But fear not! Take our Bug Susceptibility Test to gauge your vulnerability. Are you a fashionista in the making, or will you resist the siren call of the latest trends?

Bug Busting Tip: Opt for classic pieces and mix and match your wardrobe. Resist the urge to splurge on the entire store!

The Foodie Bug

Picture the Foodie Bug—chubby and troublesome, wrapped in Christmas colours, whispering the names of exotic dishes into your dreams. “Spaghetti Bolognese” sounds divine, but your wallet and waistline won’t appreciate the excess. Take the Bug Susceptibility Test to determine if you’re on the brink of a culinary adventure or if you can keep the Foodie Bug at bay.

Bug Busting Tip: Plan your meals, opt for homemade delights, and savour the festive treats in moderation.

The Subscription Bug

Enter the Subscription Bug, sly and slippery, draped in Christmas colours. It’s the mastermind behind those seemingly harmless monthly fees that can accumulate into a financial nightmare. Our Bug Susceptibility Test will unveil whether you’ve fallen prey to this bug’s cunning tactics.

Bug Busting Tip: Review your subscriptions, cut the unnecessary ones, and redirect those funds toward more meaningful holiday plans.

The Outside Bug

Finally, the Outside Bug bursts onto the scene, lively and loud in Christmas colours, insisting that you must party every other weekend to truly enjoy the holidays. “We outside!” might be the mantra, but is it okay to declare, “We inside” instead? The Bug Susceptibility Test will help you decide if you’re caught in the outside bug’s web.

Bug Busting Tip: Host a festive movie marathon or organize a game night—sometimes the cosiest celebrations are the most memorable.

Bug Susceptibility Test

Before you embark on your bug-free celebration journey, take our Bug Susceptibility Test! Rate your susceptibility to each bug on a scale of 0-5. Once completed, discover your Bug-Free Celebration Profile and tailor your festive plans accordingly.

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How would you rate yourself on a scale of 0 - 5?

0 = Not threatened or affected at all 
5 = Very Susceptible 


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