Key Business Trends to watch out for in 2022

Just as the world can change drastically overnight, the business world is no different.  When the pandemic first hit, many business owners who were not aligned with trends that have existed for years sadly crashed and burned, leaving the innovators to get rich and keep topping the market. I know the Nigerian in you just […]

What They Don’t Tell You About Valentine’s Day

As a single person, it’s very easy to get into the blues on Valentine’s Day. Especially when your single is so single that you’re not even expecting boxers or singlets from someone’s daughter and flowers from someone’s son. Sha! As for me, nobody can tell me that Valentine’s Day is not a scam, especially since […]

These things should be banned!!!

It’s one thing to hear that Nigeria has finally removed the ban on Twitter after seven whole months and another to mistakenly press the app without checking to see if your VPN is on first… and your Timeline actually loads. I heard that federal government finally agreed to back down on the ban after seven […]

Big Boy Resolutions for 2022

So you mean to tell me that you’re already tired of chilling with the big boys? One night out with the real ballers of Lagos and Abuja and your account balance is shedding tears? Jesus didn’t die on the cross for the type of sapa you are experiencing abi? It’s time for you to be […]

10 Spots To Flex Your OneWoman Card This December

Can we get the attention of our beautiful, strong and prosperous OneWoman? If you are reading this, it’s most likely because someone out there wants you to have the best holiday season! So get in formation and pay attention! See eh, Christmas is coming!!! And even though this is the best season to chill out, […]

Detty On A Budget

Detty December on a Budget: Do’s And Dont’s For The Perfect December Rocks Take a second, think deeply, and ask yourself, “How much fun did I have this year?” If you cannot think back to at least three solid FUN moments during the whole of 2021, you should just go and kneel down in one […]

Rule Number One: Everyone Has A Say

It has been less than a week since Nigeria celebrated another June 12 as its Democracy Day and yet another gloomy night here in Ekiti.  After raining cats and dogs, the clouds have finally decided to stop shedding and comfort us to sleep first with a cozy hug, and then with a familiar breeze that […]