Detty December? Cancelled!

It looks like it’s gonna be a clean December! ‘Any which way’, we’re glad that the year finally ends in a few days. What a relief! I know, right? But is it just us or this year literally felt like a decade? It actually feels good to know that businesses got to open and at […]

Chill With the ‘Geng’ in 2021

I hate to be the one to say this but we’re currently in a recession. (Sigh) The fact that we haven’t even recovered from COVID-19, the lootings and the recent hike in fuel price just leaves me wondering what could happen next. But we move! However, what this means for businesses is that with heightened […]

Wetin Moremi no go see for Professor N’Dyare hand?

Anyways, now that I have your attention, let’s talk about something equally important. I visited a friend that used to have steady ‘light’ but my expectations were cut short. Before she told me what happened, I noticed that there were so many naked wires overlapping their gate. Tapping current from all the poles on the […]

I Still Haven’t Answered The Genie!

‘Before I became this person, I’m sure the Sterling genie had asked me countless times why I chose to camp with banks that didn’t seem to care about me but my money’. She had been ill for the longest time and all my savings and investments were geared towards sending her abroad for surgery because […]

Thank God It’s Friday But…

How cruel of me to ruin the weekend with some business advice on a day when you should be prepping for a getaway or the infamous TGIF turn-up. But please indulge me. I finally passed through the Lekki toll for the first time since the event and as I sped past (a luxury which never […]

When Exploitation Isn’t Evil!

When Exploitation Isn't Evil

This year’s Agriculture Summit Africa was a classic example of ‘virtual at its finest’. At the brink of the Covid-19 pandemic, we realized that we would not be able to enjoy the company of illustrious agribusiness owners and enthusiasts like we did last year but we needed to have serious conversations around the carefully chosen […]

Living Through COVID-19

Speculations are all over the internet as to how something in the African genes repels the operation of the virus in this part of the world. However, letting your guard down on the basis of unconfirmed and unverified information is usually one of the quickest ways that situations with little or no initial impact, spiral […]

Go Fast With Fashion

When we came up with CafeOne, our co-working space where entrepreneurs can utilize the power supply and internet services in exchange for buying a cup of coffee, it was a banger because the turn up was lit. Till date, we have helped tons of businesses thrive amidst the challenging times by just allowing us to […]