Something Just Happened Now

I was talking to Yinka one Tuesday morning and I told her that I had to leave early because the Third Mainland Bridge was partially closed for repairs and she asked me, ‘What’s that?’ So, I’ll start by apologizing to non-Lagosians for my assumption of knowledge of a shared phenomenon. For those of us outside […]

How To Work From Home With Kids

For the first time in weeks, my house is quiet. I just have one kid but when the schools were shut down, I inherited three more because my friends were health workers and needed to social distance from their children. Who would have thought that a time like this will come? My wife and I […]

3 Types Of Businesses Post Covid

What if I told you that some businesses have bloomed as a result of the COVID-19? This is a truth that entrepreneurs need to embrace now in order to psyche themselves up for action. At first, it was almost impossible to admit this because of the pain that the pandemic brought with it but coming […]

Education For The Future

It was not strange that just at the announcement of the lockdown, a bulk of our attention was driven to how this pandemic could change the course of education forever. And our thoughts went out to the average Nigerian who would be negatively impacted by the hit. While there is so much yet undone within […]