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9th Edition (NEW)

This is a really difficult edition because we spent so long reflecting on our journey. It’s been 2 years since you opened your inboxes to our news and we feel like the economy hasn’t changed much. If Eedris Abdulkareem released his song about Nigeria now, it would still bang based on our current logistics. This made us sad but we are hopeful that everything good will come. The impact of covid and its scar is now being felt – unemployment higher, inflation higher, oil prices higher… Well what goes up must come down and in this edition, we travel round to promote buy Naija to grow the Naira and bring you all the economic info you need to make sound financial decisions. Most importantly, we help you check whether MAG9 are really drinking your money or they’re actually contributing to well-being by connecting us to the world.

Thank you for keeping our lights on by reading edition after edition. I leave you with my inspiration for the moment and I hope it propels you too ‘You don’t have to worry and don’t you be afraid, Joy comes in the morning, troubles they don’t last always’.

Love always,

Lady Khaf

8th Edition


In this edition, we look at some of the lessons 2020 taught us – the most important being “Health is wealth.” When I prayed, I saw that someone on the team had seen the 2021 vision for Nigeria and all I know is that everyone must be on a steady we dey our lane grace and not lose guard. This is Nigeria, and anything you see, you just take it like that!

My good friend, Tosin A., told me this year that betting is the poor man’s stock market – Warren B., my other close friend really hates this, but I totally see where Tosin is coming from. We all need multiple streams of income and I want to believe this is what drives some of the decisions in betting. It also gives hope that person fit blow at any time – aren’t we all taking bets by just existing? Especially in this Nigeria. We also give you some good information on how to make legal bets through investments in functional market instruments. Lastly, we discuss how if you’re looking for forex, trade and diaspora (Canada way) are the vibe.

In 2021, I just want to have fun, I just want to spend money. Join me guys, no de do like bolo o, let’s do this!

Lady Khaf


7th Edition

Nigeria, we hail thee. Our own dear native land. Though economic slumps shake us, in brotherhood, we stand. Though oil prices drop, insurgency rife. Nigerians all, are proud to serve our sovereign motherland. Though Ebola scares, Lassa fever outbreaks, or the almighty Covik One Nine, O Lord of creation, we remain steadfast that there will always be peace and plenty.

I opened with a mix of prayer and admiration because, despite the failures of our country, it has not degenerated in the way many others in this situation have. The reason is simple, our people are resilient. In this edition, we show you how local markets provide governance that ensures the society is moving and the economy is growing; how honestly, in this life I can’t kee myself, we must take wellness seriously-they say prevention is better than cure but more importantly, lets us not put an extra burden on the fragile health infrastructure. The real tea though, is in the information about hush mummy and sons – we must be always guiding on our bank accounts.

Happy 60th birthday Nigeria o, we thank you for all you have taught us. In your honour, we will relazz our navs and get taken care of this public holiday.

Lady Khaf.

6th Edition

The world is crazy right now. Women are being raped, violated and killed for just being; Black people for our colour and Northern Nigerians for just existing. Life, however, goes on Economies have shut down, yet businesses have grown; people have died yet many have been born—life continues. We have the power to continue life differently. In this edition, we will be reminded of what we need to do to make things better.
From using technology to our advantage and keeping close to loved ones—(insert music emoji) facebook love waiting for your message on my wall; to chopping life in Nigeria through travel—japa, japa, ja lo Calabar—we are reminded that there are many advantages to localising our success. Ajo dabi le e, no matter where you go, make you no forget area o—we must buy naija to grow the naira.
This has been a turbulent year, but do not despair; everything good will come.

Lady Khaf.

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5th Edition

“I hope that as you’re reading this, someone shouts “April Fool” and brings an end to what is going on in the world at the moment, because orisirisi nkan lo’n sele. 

Amidst the chaos, we hope this edition brings you some peace, knowledge, laughter and hope; from how we can power on with the sun on our side, to starting a second-hand fashion business, to how things move based on logistics and finally what all this means for our daily lives.

I leave you with words from the greatest philosopher of our time, Azeez Fashola: Coro behind our backs but +234 iwo mafo, stay happy and se jeje.

We hope and pray for a better day.

Yours, Lady Khaf.

4th Edition

Happy new year, dear readers. We hope that the festivities brought you the joy and peace you deserve.

In this edition, there are no tips on how to relocate, but on how to be a Diva. Beyoncé tells us that a Diva is the female version of a hustler. Ok ladies, let’s get in formation… I’ve been waiting years to use that line in an editor’s note!

Obviously, Serious men can pick up some ideas too, because let’s face it—hustle no know man or woman. May 2020 be good to us all. Amen.

Yours, Lady Khaf.

3rd Edition

According to Frederick Douglass, one of the leaders of the anti-slavery movement, A battle lost or won is easily described, understood, and appreciated, but the moral growth of a great nation requires reflection, as well as observation, to appreciate it. This is the story of Nigeria; the story of strength, resilience and reflection.

Fifty-nine years down the line, we are celebrating a nation that is still standing despite all that has happened in its history and although we aren’t there yet, we have reasons to be proud; we still have rice, we have started producing pencils and toothpicks and we own the African entertainment industry (shout out to our African giants) have gone in diversifying our economy especially as our oil sector experienced a swell in expansionary momentum (that’s what our Professor said), a first since the first quarter in 2018.

Yours, Lady Khaf

2nd Edition

In this edition, we bring you all the things we love as a people – going to school (no, there are no tips on abroad schooling as a relocation mechanism), football (this is where the tip on japa- ing is) and music.

This is Serious though, a movement committed to grooming the everyday big man because in this our Nigeria, it’s only ‘if you get money, you be bros o’; so we found our way back to providing information on the latest economic happenings.

One piece of advice from there, if our country can be in debt, that meins what? you too can take a loan because times are hard – don’t be shy.

Yours, Lady Khaf

Maiden Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Serious – another publication talking about the Nigerian economy. 

This is for readers who hear all the stuff about inflation but Gala’s price has not changed and are wondering why we’ve been given the news; for those concerned about how the government’s budget affects their daily lives but aren’t interested in the Journal of Economic affairs. It is for the everyday genius, surviving Nigeria till Canada comes through! We hope you find this informative and entertaining and USEFUL especially for making daily economic decisions. 

Should I recycle? Should I sleep in some more? Am I going to be rich in this Next Level dispensation? In this edition, we hope you find the answers.

Yours, Lady Khaf

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